If you spend any time on Twitter, you have probably seen tweets by Titania McGrath, a young woman who is so ‘woke’ that she often comes across as a parody of progressives. It turns out that’s exactly what she is, and the person behind her is a man.

Titania is the brainchild of a comedian named Andrew Doyle. He was interviewed by Tucker Carlson on Friday night.

Phillip Stucky of the Daily Caller has details:

Tucker Interviews Male Comedian Behind Fake Feminist ‘Titania McGrath’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed Andrew Doyle on Friday, who is the male comedian behind the parody Twitter account “Titania McGrath.”

Doyle, whose book “Woke” will be released September in the United States, claimed to have created Titania as a way to troll feminist activists because of what he called their inability to take a joke.

“Part of the point of the character she is po-faced, very sort of privileged woman who still think she’s this oppressed, modern day feminist who believes in a nebulous thing called the patriarchy,” Doyle explained about his online persona.

“She never laughs and never has a sense of humor, one of the reasons I wanted to poke fun at the whole ‘woke’ movement is it can’t have a joke. Can’t handle a joke constantly looking to be offended by absolutely anything even when there is nothing to be offended about. Of course, the ‘woke police’ aren’t going to like this book. The fact that they don’t suggest I’m doing something right.”

Watch the segment below:

Here’s a selection of recent tweets from McGrath:

The reason McGrath fooled so many people is that Andrew Doyle is simply too good at his job.

Featured image via YouTube.


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