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Trinity College Prof Tweets ‘Whiteness is Terrorism’

Trinity College Prof Tweets ‘Whiteness is Terrorism’

“All self-identified white people (no exceptions) are invested in and collude with systemic white racism/white supremacy.”

It sounds like this professor needs a social media intervention. How embarrassing for the college.

The Hartford Courant reports:

Trinity College professor tweets ‘whiteness is terrorism,’ refers to Barack and Michelle Obama as ‘white kneegrows’

A Trinity College professor whose racially charged social media posts created an uproar in 2017 is once again facing a firestorm from alumni of the Hartford liberal arts school for tweeting “Whiteness is terrorism” on Easter and referring to Barack and Michelle Obama as “white kneegrows.”

In a second tweet Sunday, Johnny Eric Williams, who is black, wrote: “All self-identified white people (no exceptions) are invested in and collude with systemic white racism/white supremacy.”

Earlier this month, the tenured sociology professor wrote “‘White’ kneegrows really need a lot of therapy and a good ‘ol ass kicking,” in a Facebook post. When asked whether he was referring to Candace Owens, the black conservative commentator and political activist, who is from Connecticut, Williams said it wasn’t just her.

“I’m referring to her other and less brazen but more insidious dangerous ‘white’ kneegrows like Barry and Michelle Obama and many other white kneegrows you encounter daily,” Williams posted.

In an emailed response, Williams said “there are many socially defined black folks who have internalized whiteness — as a way and knowing and being in the world. They like others who believe themselves to be ‘white,’ act on these ideas in ways that create and sustain systemic white racism.”

“Such whiteness internalization lead folks like Candace Owens, Barry and Michelle Obama to engage in actions and policy creations that are existential threats to humanity, particularly the racial oppressed. Thus my post denotes the urgency of exposing these individual as enemies of humanity’s well-being,” Williams said.


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And yet this same prof still chooses to live his comfy life in the USA rather than moving to Africa.

    austin in reply to lc. | April 26, 2019 at 5:02 pm

    his rage is against himself-every time he looks in the mirror-
    and he realizes what it is he is

    he needs help

Sticker price to attend Trinity: $71,660/year, per the Hartford Courant.

This is the kind of stupidity you get from affirmative action faculty in the soft sciences ( e.g. psychology), women’s studies, black studies, etc. These kinds of idiotic rants seldom come from engineering, science or business faculty. Unfortunately, the latter faculty have stood by quietly as the whole focus of the universities has moved to accommodate the wuss generation by making diversity staff into highly paid paper pushers without the brains to get out of the rain. There are lots of sensible people on college campuses. I am waiting for them to react to this nonsense.

Reminds me of a 4-decades-old-plus dig I once heard..

Don’t mind him, he comes from a long line of real estate people —

They’re a vacant lot.

So, Barack Obama’s embarrassingly blatant race-baiting was really white racism, because he can be defined as “white”.

Well, isn’t that convenient.

And only blacks qualify as “humanity”.

Well, isn’t that . . . weird.

Conclusion—schools really need to be a lot more careful about this “tenure” stuff.

I wonder why “that word” just never seems to go away.

If I self-identify myself as a penguin, am I off his hook? Because trans-species! Or something…