Rush Limbaugh tore apart failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton last night on The Story with Martha MacCallum last night over her remarks at the TIME 100 conference.

Hillary claimed it’s “clear” in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report that President Donald Trump obstructed justice, but Rush had some decent reminders for the failed candidate.

Here is what Hillary said:

HILLARY: There’s enough there that any other person who had engaged, ummm, in those acts, umm, would certainly, uh, have been indicted. The whole matter of obstruction was very directly, uhhh, sent to the Congress. I mean, if you read that part of the report, it could not be clearer.

Limbaugh responded:

RUSH: You know, this is the irony. Hillary Clinton is who tried to rig a presidential election, Martha. Hillary Clinton and her pals in the Obama Department of Justice and the FBI, they are the ones who colluded with the Russians. They are the ones that gave us this entirely, totally bogus Steele dossier.

For Hillary — you talk about irony — for Hillary Clinton to be talking about impeaching Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton needs to be investigated, she needs to be indicted, and she needs to be in jail, and many of her co-conspirators in this whole sordid affair, which amounted to nothing more than a silent coup to overturn the election results of 2016. Hillary Clinton demanding that Trump — you talk about sour grapes, this is a woman that’s been rejected by the American people twice, rejected by her party in 2008.

She had to rig the primaries against Crazy Bernie in 2016 to get the nomination. She is the last person who ought to be listened to about what ought to happen to Donald Trump. She hasn’t accomplished anything anywhere near what Donald Trump has accomplished. She is in no position to sit here and say what she saw in the Mueller — well, she can say it, she’s an American. But she doesn’t have any credibility on any of this as far as I am concerned. And I’m not alone there.

I don’t think they colluded with Russians, but they knew the Russians tried to interfere and did nothing about it to protect our election.

However, Limbaugh is correct when he said Hillary has no credibility. As much as I want her to go away, every time she opens up her mouth, it gives us a moment to laugh and give thanks that she isn’t president.

Also, in Mueller’s report, he wrote that there isn’t enough evidence when it comes to obstruction. He wanted to leave that up to Congress. Trump ranted about actions that would be obstruction of justice, but people around him shot down the ideas.

I mean, if we’re going to go after people for saying something in the heat of the moment, a lot of us would find ourselves in court.


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