Wouldn’t you love to see just one person in authority tell these students to grow up?

The College Fix reports:

Students protest visiting Professor Brett Kavanaugh as threat to ‘mental health’

Some students at George Mason University continue to put pressure on campus leaders to fire U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh from his new post as a visiting law professor.

Kavanaugh was hired in January by GMU’s Antonin Scalia Law School and is set to co-teach a class this summer called “Creation of the Constitution” in Runnymede, England, where the Magna Carta was sealed.

Despite the fact that Kavanaugh is teaching over 3,500 miles away from the Virginia campus, several students took to the podium at the Board of Visitors meeting last Wednesday to say they feel unsafe having Kavanaugh teach the class.

Exclusive video recorded by The College Fix shows several students, a few who say they are sexual assault survivors, address the campus leaders to tell them students’ mental health is threatened by the Kavanaugh hire.

“As a survivor of sexual assault this decision has really impacted me negatively,” one female student said. “It is affecting my mental health knowing that an abuser will be part of our faculty.”

Another female student gave similar comments to the board: “As someone who has survived sexual assault three times I do not feel comfortable with someone who has sexual assault allegations like walking on campus.”

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