Fallout continues to happen after the exposure of a national college admissions scandal. On Monday, twelve defendants were arraigned in federal court in Boston.

Now Yale has rescinded the admission of a student allegedly admitted under fraudulent circumstances.

Ciara Nugent reports at Time:

Yale Becomes First University to Rescind Admission for Student in College Fraud Scandal

Yale University has rescinded the admission of a student who was accepted as part of the massive college cheating scandal revealed by the Department of Justice earlier in March.

Federal prosecutors charged 50 people for participating in the scheme, which employed bribery, exam cheating and unearned athletic endorsements to help get applicants into prestigious colleges. Among the 33 parents indicted were CEOs, partners at top law firms and actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin.

Yale said in a statement that it believes women’s soccer coach Rudy Meredith assisted two applicants to the university by giving them fraudulent athletic endorsements. One was denied admission and the other was admitted, the university said, adding that federal law and Yale policy prevents them from revealing the applicants’ names.

Bill Gallagher & Skakel McCooey of Yale Daily News have more. This act of fraud allegedly cost the parents of the student $1.2 million dollars:

Yale rescinds admission of student implicated in nationwide admissions scandal

On March 14, The Wall Street Journal reported that Morrie Tobin, a father of Yale students, allegedly tipped off federal authorities to the scandal when he provided information in an attempt to gain leniency for an unrelated securities fraud case. According to the Journal, former Yale women’s soccer head coach Rudy Meredith offered Tobin a bribe, which he declined.

The Journal later reported on March 19 that, according to a person familiar with the investigation, Tobin participated in the scam by paying a bribe. However, Conroy said that Yale does not know the Journal’s source and cannot comment on the accusation’s accuracy. At the time of this story’s publication, the News has not been able to identify the source or confirm the allegation published in the Journal…

In one example of bribery cited in court documents, Singer agreed to help “facilitate the admission of an applicant to Yale,” known in the case as “Yale Applicant 1,” “in or about” November 2017 in exchange for a $1.2 million payment from the applicant’s parents in the “spring or summer of 2018.” Yale Applicant 1 was admitted to the University as a women’s soccer recruit despite having never played competitive soccer and has since had her admission rescinded.

This detail drives home how dishonest the entire scam really was:

Singer allegedly worked with Laura Janke, a former assistant women’s soccer coach at the University of Southern California, to create a falsified profile to be included in that applicant’s application.

“[C]ould you please create a soccer profiles asap for this girl who will be a midfielder and attending Yale so she has to be very good. Needs to play Academy and no high school soccer…awards and honors — more info to come — need a soccer pic probably Asian girl,” read a Nov. 10, 2017, email from Singer to Janke, according to court documents.

When the applicant was admitted to Yale, Singer mailed Meredith a check for $400,000.

Here’s a short video report from CNN:

If you watched that video to the end, you heard Brynn Gingras say that more arrests are reportedly on the way.

How big will this scandal become?

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