In other words, Peterson is being excluded for not being inclusive. You couldn’t make this up.

Robby Soave reports at Reason:

University of Cambridge Cancels Jordan Peterson’s Visiting Fellowship Because He Is Not ‘Inclusive’

Jordan Peterson, the University of Toronto psychologist known for criticizing political correctness, announced Monday that he would be a visiting fellow at the University of Cambridge’s divinity school.

But on Wednesday, Cambridge’s administration announced that they had rescinded the invitation following a public outcry from students and professors.

“[Cambridge] is an inclusive environment and we expect all our staff and visitors to uphold our principles,” a Cambridge spokesperson told The Guardian. “There is no place here for anyone who cannot.”

Peterson holds some views that are considered offensive by progressives—he has objected, for instance, to the idea that anyone should be required to use a trans person’s preferred pronouns. The implication of Cambridge’s statement, then, is that anyone who disagrees with the university’s left-of-center commitments on these issues is unwelcome on campus.


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