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Engineering Profs at Harvard Now Required to Submit Diversity Reports

Engineering Profs at Harvard Now Required to Submit Diversity Reports

“we value this — we think it’s a priority”

The religion of diversity in higher education is quickly eclipsing the value of the subject matter being taught and no discipline will be exempted.

The College Fix reports:

Harvard engineering profs now required to submit diversity reports

New and current faculty at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences are now required to submit reports detailing their involvement in “promoting diversity and inclusion.”

Unsatisfactory performance in that realm could affect faculty bonuses, according to The Harvard Crimson.

In addition, applicants for positions at the school must be equipped with a “diversity, inclusion, and belonging statement.”

Keeping with the academic tradition of the alleged benefits of diversity rather nebulous, Harvard SEAS Dean Francis J. Doyle III said in an interview “I have found [diversity] to be a very important thing that we want to use in our recruiting to, again, set the tone that we value this — we think it’s a priority.”

It’s “a very important thing.” Check.

Stupefyingly, Doyle said when it comes to handing out bonuses, diversity will be the main factor taken into consideration. “Other aspects of faculty members’ job performance” (like teaching quality, subject expertise) are secondary.


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To highlight our celebration of, and commitment to, engineering diversity, we hereby pledge to graduate a representative percentage of engineers who have demonstrated their incompetence in designing structures that are safe and will very likely result in the loss of both structures and human lives.

In this way we embrace the full spectrum of potential engineers and not punishing the under-performers and unduly rewarding only the proficient.

We hope this will assuage the dim-of-wit individuals who are requiring diversity-at-all-costs.

Thank you.

Engineering at Harvard has always been one of those things like football at MIT. Sure, it’s there, but nobody really sits up and takes notice.

When will people figure out that these diversity statements are no different from the old loyalty oaths that so many people refused to sign?

The diversity movement has every hallmark of a religious sect, and no gov-supported institution is allowed to require adherence to religious beliefs.

Insufficiently Sensitive | March 14, 2019 at 9:56 pm

i>The diversity movement has every hallmark of a religious sect,

But too many Universities have already preceded Harvard in declaring that they are Diversity, thy Diversity-or-else, and thou shalt have no steenkin’ ‘science’ before Diversity.

The crusade for dumbing-down STEM courses so as to enforce a body of graduates that ‘looks like America’ has been underway for a couple of decades, but this Harvard edict is one grand step across the line into the land of theocracy.

Diversity is a result, a natural consequence when you value talent and results and performance.

Those pushing diversity at all costs do so because they do not think the above statement is true. They believe in the inferiority of so called “minorities”. They believe members of said groups can’t make it by themselves.
They are racists.

Hopefully, the plaintiff bar is taking note, and will include Harvard as a defendant on any engineering failure that a Harvard engineer was involved in building or inspecting.

Same old thing. Universities have used “commitment to diversity” for many years to ensure that their faculties and administrations are monolithic left-wing. Conservative faculty members should just hold their noses and give them exactly what they want. Truth is not relevant here, when the administration is trying to enforce a political uniformity.