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RNC Crushed February Fundraising Records, Raising $14.6 Million Last Month

RNC Crushed February Fundraising Records, Raising $14.6 Million Last Month

The Republicans continue to dominate the Democrats when it comes to fundraising.

The Daily Caller reported that the Republican National Committee (RNC) raised $14.6 million in February, which is a record for a non-election year.

This comes after the RNC beat another record with $15.5 million raised in January.

Despite pouring $300 million into the 2018 midterms, the RNC remains out of debt due to all the money it brings in.

The RNC received $8.6 million in small-dollar donations, which made up 60% of the total. These small-dollar donations have become key to fundraising since the GOP saw success with it when President Donald Trump aimed at those during his 2016 campaign.

It’s not just the RNC. Other Republican committees have seen record breaking numbers. I don’t have the numbers for February, but the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) brought in $5.58 million in January, which is the most for that month. The Senate Republicans have pushed for the fundraising since they want to retain control of the upper chamber.

Democrats finally have a reason to hold up their heads. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) raised $11.6 million in February, which is a record for them. The committee only raised $7.2 million in January.

However, the Democrats overall still trail the Republicans when it comes to fundraising. Open Secrets show that the RNC raised almost $325 million in 2018 while the DNC raised around $177 million.

It looks like, despite the decent February numbers for the DCCC, 2019 isn’t starting off well for the Democrats. From Politico:

In addition to raising $8.9 million directly from donors in January, the RNC collected more than $6 million from two joint fundraising committees affiliated with the committee and the Trump campaign.

The Democratic National Committee — which does not have the advantage of a sitting president leading its party — started the year significantly behind its GOP counterpart, raising $6.5 million in January and finished the month with $6.5 million in the bank. The DNC also had $5.7 million in debt at the end of the month.

The RNC spent $10.5 million in January. Costs associated with raising money, such as mail production and telemarketing, were among the committee’s biggest expenses last month and it spent $1.7 million on postage, the single largest expense category.

The RNC also reported paying $600,000 in January to Parscale Strategy LLC, the firm affiliated with Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale. The payments were marked as “fundraising services.”

The DNC hasn’t released its numbers from February. Something tells me it won’t be as impressive as the RNC.


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Every time the RNC, NRSC, NRCC or state GOP calls I tell them that I won’t donate because I don’t want my money going to scumbags like Cory Gardener or Susan Collins. I only donate to conservatives (like Marsha Blackburn in 2018). But, they keep calling.

This is sad, giving money to people so opposed to building a border wall. People need to start donating directly to Trump and forget the uniparty.

I stopped giving to the RNC years ago. Now my money goes directly to candidates. That way I can be certain it won’t be used to prop up worthless RINOS like McCain.

buckeyeminuteman | March 20, 2019 at 2:08 pm

CR and Omnibus after CR and Omnibus. Debt ceiling raise after debt ceiling raise. Vote after vote to end Obamacare until you get a Republican president and actually can. Vote to condemn a border wall getting built after a promised border wall is what has gotten you elected and has continuously raised funding.

I’ll never donate to RNC. Haven’t for years and certainly never will again.

I’m surprised that there are still so many donating to the RNC.
Individual candidates is the way to go.

Hey, I haven’t forgotten last fall. The DNC’s unhealthy finances stopped mattering as loads and loads of money poured into House races from excited liberal donors. There were lots of these headlines in 2017; they didn’t matter.

what everyone else has already said…

the RNC can go pound sand until they defecate a glass casting.

Giving the GOP a dime is like giving money to that rat paul ryan or mittens romney. Or even the likes of mcconnell.

Give to individual candidates, not that corrupt group of democrat shills so willing to betray our nation.

All money to go to non conservative Rino candidates.

Some years ago I sent a handful of small donation checks to individuals candidates to the GOP National Senate Campaign Committee with instructions to get them to the candidates since this was before the internet and I didn’t have time to look up individual campaign addresses. Not one of those checks ever made it to be cashed.

Today it’s a lot easier to locate individual campaigns on line. NEVER give to aggregate campaign committees or party committees above the level of your own county.