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Pro-Israel Bloggers Team up to Fight Anti-Semitic BDS Movement, LI Reports from the Field

Pro-Israel Bloggers Team up to Fight Anti-Semitic BDS Movement, LI Reports from the Field

“We are bringing together those who have fought this year against anti-Israel and antisemitic hate-writers.”

Last week, Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs hosted a three-day conference, called DigiTell19, aimed at combating the anti-Semitic boycott campaign, or BDS Movement, hosting around 90 pro-Israel social media activists and bloggers from around the world. I had the privilege of representing my grassroots group, Indians For Israel, at the event in Israel.

Supported by the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, the DigiTell has emerged as a network of pro-Israel activists since early 2018. The DigiTell19 is the third gathering of its kind. I attended the previous conferences in Jerusalem and Frankfurt, Germany. “We come together. It’s like a support network,” Jackie Goodall, the founder of the Ireland Israel Alliance, said describing the DigiTell conference.

The Jerusalem Post reported the details of the social media event:

“We are bringing together those who have fought this year against anti-Israel and antisemitic hate-writers and those promoting the boycott campaign against Israel,” said Ido Daniel, senior director for digital strategy for the Strategic Affairs Ministry, the ministry running the #DigiTell seminar. “We are opening our doors to the influencers and social media activists for Israel who are fighting our fight every day.” (…)

Each of the participants is independent and receives no ministry funding. Rather, it is more like a support group.

“They receive a lot of hate for what they do [for Israel],” said Daniel, noting that the #DigiTell concept was founded one year ago this March for that reason. “We would like to empower them in the way that we can.”

The ministry’s Daniel said the two-day seminar, which will run from March 12 and 13, is meant to engage people (…) and provide them with new tools and best practices for telling their stories on social media. Around 100 participants are coming from 17 countries, with a heavy focus on participants from Europe, he said.

Video: Talking to Israel’s Kan 11 news network on BDS movement

Many of the European participants focused on the Eurovision song contest scheduled for May 2019. Leading BDS activists such as Roger Waters and Peter Gabriel are campaigning to force European participants to drop out of the competition. So far, their efforts have failed to yield results, but their campaign of bullying and intimidation continues unabated.

Participants also looked at the operational ties between Palestinian and Islamist terrorist group, and the BDS Movement in Europe and North America. Several convicted terrorists are currently on the payrolls of various BDS groups. They also raised concerns over millions of dollars being funneled by the European Union and European governments into groups and NGOs running BDS campaigns. The EU alone handed out over €5 million to ten leading BDS-linked organizations, the research conducted by Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs shows.

The three-day conference was a unique opportunity to connect with people behind the scenes, who are relentlessly fighting anti-Israel bias and anti-Semitic BDS campaign from the streets of South Africa to campuses in the United States. Many of them carry on with their mission despite the violence, bullying, and threats directed at them and their families.

Video: In conversation with other DigiTell19 participants at the ‘Judean Roundtable’

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JusticeDelivered | March 18, 2019 at 6:23 pm

This is good news. We have seen dull witted people working together to subvert other people’s civil rights, now is a good time for smarter people to give dullards, as are so many palestinians, a very strong dose of their own medicine. palestinians are so much like our inner city characters. Both are good a producing propaganda while being failures in nearly all other aspects of life.