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Bias Report Filed Against U. Oregon Prof for Defending Brett Kavanaugh

Bias Report Filed Against U. Oregon Prof for Defending Brett Kavanaugh

“Many students sitting near me were visibly conflicted”

Bias incident reporting systems would make Mao proud. It gives students the power to make accusations about anything they deem offensive.

The College Fix reports:

Bias report filed against professor for defending Brett Kavanaugh

In a University of Oregon classroom in October of 2018, a professor was finishing his lecture when he made a rhetorical aside. The professor was discussing a PowerPoint slide that referenced “Potiphar’s Wife,” a Biblical story in which a married woman makes an offer to have sex with one of her husband’s slaves, Joseph, only to have him turn her down. To punish him, Potiphar’s wife then accuses Joseph of rape.

“This is an issue in our society,” the professor allegedly said. “Now that you all know what this phrase means, you can go use it to describe the Kavanaugh trial,” he is recounted as saying.

The class occurred at the same time U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was facing allegations from psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford that he had assaulted her as a teenager. While no determination was ever made as to the veracity of Blasey Ford’s claims, Kavanaugh was eventually confirmed to the court.

But one of the students in the class was outraged enough to file a complaint with the university against the professor. Using the school’s “Bias Education and Response Team” reporting process, the female student reported she was “deeply offended by this professor’s false, ignorant, biased commentary that outwardly projected his political opinions (defending Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh) and completely discredited sexual assault survivors like myself and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, among countless other women.”

“Many students sitting near me were visibly conflicted” by the professor’s statement, wrote the student, “which blatantly insinuated that cases of accused rape and/or sexual assault are really just instances of vengeful women lying about innocent men who denied interest in them.”


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This must be the first time in history a university professor outwardly projected his political opinions.

P.S. The 19th Amendment needs to be scrapped.