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Michael Cohen Begins Three Days of Anti-Trump Testimony on Capitol Hill

Michael Cohen Begins Three Days of Anti-Trump Testimony on Capitol Hill

His parting shot. GOP response: Have Fun In Prison!

President Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen began his three days of testimony on Capital Hill today with an appearance in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

According to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Cohen apologized for lying to them in 2017 and she thought he came across as credible.

From The Daily Mail:

‘He appeared credible to me today, and he apologized, he said he was going away, you know, he understands, and I think he made efforts to be absolutely truthful,’ she said.

Cohen’s credibility has been questioned given his admission he lied to lawmakers when he appeared before the House and Senate intelligence committees in 2017.

Feinstein declined to offer specific details on what Cohen, who was known as Trump’s fixer, discussed with committee members.

‘The part I was in, which is about two hours, umm, he answered questions, he was really – it’s classified, so I can’t tell you much. I think that most of us know that this is very complicated picture,’ she said.

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) told reporters that Cohen spent “quite a bit of time explaining what he had told us before that wasn’t truthful.” Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) described Cohen as “a very different guy” from his last testimony with them.

None of the senators could tell the media what they spoke about with him.

On Wednesday, he will speak with the House Oversight Committee:

In next Wednesday’s House Oversight hearing, Mr. Cohen is expected to be asked about the hush-money payments he arranged to women during the 2016 campaign who had alleged sexual encounters with President Trump. He has told prosecutors Mr. Trump directed him to arrange the payments. Mr. Cohen will also be asked about the president’s compliance with tax laws, his “potential and actual conflicts of interest,” his business practices and “the accuracy of the President’s public statements,” among other matters, according to a memo released Wednesday by Rep. Elijah Cummings (D., Md.), the House Oversight chairman.

Cohen is headed to jail on May 6 after he “pleaded guilty in Manhattan in August to eight federal crimes including campaign-finance violations for arranging the payments to two women during the 2016 campaign.” Last November, he pleaded guilty to lying to Congress.

Reports came out earlier today that New York disbarred Cohen. The Washington Examiner reported that a person “at the office that handles attorney discipline complaints in Manhattan” said “the appellate division informs us he has not yet been disbarred.”

However, it looks like it will eventually happen:

The initial confusion over Cohen’s disbarment may be explained by the fact that it’s about to happen.

A legal document published by Courthouse News later on Tuesday declares Cohen disbarred, but bears a date of Feb. 28, 2019 — two days in the future. The document indicated a five-attorney panel found Cohen cannot practice law after his guilty plea.

The GOP responded to Cohen’s circus on the Hill with this video:


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This is just a sneak-peak at his Mueller testimony. And this will only bring about more grand-standing when the selective (and very one-sided) leaks begin.

If he had anything to say at all he already said it to Mueller. He would be the biggest fool to give the crocodile another bite at his glutes.

Trump is trying to end the Korean War, and this is what the Dems are doing. They look really petty.

    mailman in reply to Eddie Baby. | February 27, 2019 at 4:41 am

    Can you imagine the levels of god like worship the media would spontaneously be breaking out in if this was the man child Obama about to end the Korean war (mind you…I guess the follow up question would be how would we tell the difference from their normal level of god like adoration of the man who invented sliced bread).

“Can it be more obvious that Cohen in an FBI asset? So a shady billionaire making money off govt. loans wants to sell part ownership to Qatar. So Cohen somehow mysteriously finds out about the deal, shows up at the billionaire’s yacht & says he’s friends w/ Qatar lets make a deal!”

Interesting read from someone who has far more time on his hands than I do

We are at the disgusting impasse where a convicted liar is testifying about an UNconvicted KNOWN liar who employed the convicted liar for years.

And many here cannot abide any word against the known liar.

‘The part I was in, which is about two hours, umm, he answered questions, he was really – it’s classified, so I can’t tell you much.

Routine D’rat dissembling. When a D’rat wants to sell or leak classified material, he e-mails it to an unsecured server, where all & sundry can read it, and precedent has established that there will be no legal consequences.

DiFi can’t tell us much because they didn’t hear anything even slightly damaging to DJT, aand that’s all they’re really after.

Is this the same Feinstein who judged the credibility of an employee who was a spy ?

Cohen is lucky he only got a three sentence. Why would he risk getting caught lying to Congress again? This guy is so used to lying and so good at it that I doubt he can control himself. Ask a clever question and he just might lie again AND get caught. “Thirty years! Coolah!”

Can I make a request that Ilhan Omar ask some questions? Comedy gold.

yawwnnn…thanks for the sleep aid….zzzzzzz

Maybe someone can clear up how exactly using your own money for NDA is a criminal offence?

Or does this have more to with the fact Muller, after 2 years of God like powers, has exactly nothing on Russia and Trump?

I’m concerned about my high level of schadenfreude watching the leftists implode right now. This week, as Pres Trump is involved with one of the most historic acts in my lifetime, the Dems are throwing peanuts at him from the peanut gallery and clap along like seals at AOC’s grand plan written in crayon, infanticide, scoff at human and drug trafficking and now the BIG, BIG “bombshell” that Trump had a shady lawyer pay off his prostitute.

The left is a freak show.

Cohen is liable to get his skull cracked once in the joint. As Richard Pryor said – he will have to give up the ring baby.