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Michael Avenatti Gives Up Control of Law Firm After Former Partner Claimed He Hid Millions

Michael Avenatti Gives Up Control of Law Firm After Former Partner Claimed He Hid Millions

His former partner’s lawyer stated that Avenatti’s acts “include brazen acts of bankruptcy fraud.”

Lawyer Michael Avenatti decided to give up financial control of his law firm after his former partner accused him of hiding millions of dollar in order “to avoid having to pay a $10 million judgement.” From Fox News:

Jason Frank, a former partner at Eagan Avenatti, accused Avenatti in a court filing of spending extravagantly: $13,000 in rent for his Los Angeles apartment; a $3,640 payment on his Ferrari; $150,000 for his coffee company; $53,600 on his ex-wife; and $232,875 for his auto racing team, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Frank also claimed that Avenatti hid millions in legal fees from creditors during bankruptcy proceedings and asked the court to appoint a receiver to take possession of the firm’s bank accounts, computers and other assets.

Frank’s lawyer stated that Avenatti’s acts “include brazen acts of bankruptcy fraud.” Avenatti retorted back that “[E]very dollar has been properly accounted for and reported as required and as previously set forth in numerous accounting.”

Avenatti described the lawsuit as “much-ado about nothing.” However, The Los Angeles Times reports differently:

During the year when Eagan Avenatti was under U.S. Bankruptcy Court protection, starting in March 2017, it was required by law to file monthly reports on its income and spending.

Avenatti signed the reports under penalty of perjury as the firm’s managing partner and majority owner.

But the reports did not disclose that Avenatti opened six bank accounts that received millions of dollars in legal fees during the bankruptcy, Frank claimed Tuesday in his court papers.

The monthly reports also divulged nothing about the personal compensation to Avenatti, which would have required permission from the bankruptcy trustee, the documents alleged.

He used some of the money for personal expenses such as $13,000 in rent for his Century City apartment; a $3,640 payment on his Ferrari; $21,000 for Passport 420, an Avenatti company that owns a Honda jet; $150,000 for his troubled coffee company, Global Baristas; $53,600 for his ex-wife, Christine Carlin; and $232,875 for HTP Motorsport, his auto racing team, the records showed.

Avenatti will remain lead lawyer at his new firm Avenatti & Associates.

Just a few weeks ago, Avenatti received news that the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office chose not to file domestic charges against him after Estonian actress Mareli Miniutti claimed he dragged her around her apartment. The office left the door open to possibly file charges in the future.


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JusticeDelivered | February 14, 2019 at 11:09 am

I am looking forward to seeing his smugmug behind bars. There is little doubt that other prisoners will vigorously educate him about smugness.

“Avenatti will remain lead lawyer at his new firm Avenatti & Associates.”

Translation: This snake simply slithered to safety under a different rock.

That man is truly a legend in his own mind.

These charges, if true, could result in imprisonment, disbarment, and most significantly, an end to his “career” as a cable TV commentator.
What will CNN and MSLSD do without him?

Giving up his slice of the law firm sounds good, but I suspect is empty as his heart. The only thing for sure that it grants is the ability to yank his name off any firm property, and keep him from dipping into any bank accounts.

I suspect the struggle to ‘claw back’ assets that he got his greedy little fingers on will take years, several lawsuits, and end with the bankruptcy court finding little rodent droppings from this rat in places where they really should not be.

Not possible, he is highly thought of according to the LI nevertrumper brigade of 1.

    Ragspierre in reply to Barry. | February 14, 2019 at 2:43 pm

    Here you are AGAIN to claim the delusional, pathological liar prize.

    I hear AOC needs you. You’d fit right in.

      Is it your claim the LI nevertrumper brigade of 1 did not say Avenatti was highly thought of?

        Ragspierre in reply to Barry. | February 14, 2019 at 10:51 pm

        I pointed out the FACT that he’s an effective trial advocate.

        I ALSO pointed out that so was John O’Quinn, who I despised.

        You know all that, and will happily lie about it anyhow.

        You need to be working for AOC or Pelosi. OR both…

          “I pointed out the FACT that he’s an effective trial advocate.”

          Yes, you did. An opinion shared by the left, but not those on the right. An opinion is not a fact. The facts indicate Avenatti is a scumbag and crook. Only a leftist would claim otherwise. Or, a deranged nevertrumper.

          Opinions are not facts, and confusing the two shows a tremendous lack of understanding of the English language, something a lawyer is required to have if they are of any value.

          He’s so effective he can’t pay his bills. He’s a conman. Perhaps for a lawyer with low English skills, conman and effective trial advocate are synonymous.

          I’m a better judge of effective trial advocacy than you, primarily because I don’t suffer from trump derangement syndrome. Had Avenatti been a Trump supporter you would have nothing nice to say about him. But since he was the lawyer for a porno queen / hooker that is known to fabricate, you swallow hook, line, and sinker.


Today’s LA Times story had a lot more on Avenatti’s financial misdealings. A lot of money—several million dollars–was misdirected for his personal benefit. His expenditures were astonishing–the dude made a lot of money.

He cheated his partner(s)–at least one of whom has a $10 million judgment against Avenatti. He cheated the bankruptcy court; he cheated on his law partners; he cheated on his wive(s)–he’s been married several times. In short he’s a cheat.

My guess is he doesn’t run for president.