The Resurgent’s Erick Erickson announced today that he decided to shed his #NeverTrump beliefs and endorsed President Donald Trump for 2020.

Why the change?

The drastic changes to the Democrats and a dishonest, but also the accomplishments in this administration:

We have a party that is increasingly hostile to religion and now applies religious tests to blocking judicial nominees. We have a party that believes children can be murdered at birth. We have a party that would set back the economic progress of this nation by generations through their environmental policies. We have a party that uses the issue of Russia opportunistically. We have a party that has weaponized race, gender, and other issues to divide us all while calling the President “divisive.” We have a party that is deeply, deeply hostile to large families, small businesses, strong work ethics, gun ownership, and traditional values. We have a party that is more and more openly anti-Semitic.

The Democrats have increasingly determined to let that hostility shape their public policy. They are adamant, with a religious fervor, that one must abandon one’s deeply held convictions and values as a form of penance to their secular gods.

On top of that, we have an American media that increasingly views itself not as a neutral observer, but as an anti-Trump operation. The daily litany of misreported and badly reported stories designed to paint this Administration in a negative light continues to amaze me. Juxtapose the contrast in national reporting on the President and race or Brett Kavanaugh and old allegations with the media dancing around the issues in Virginia. Or compare and contrast the media’s coverage of the New York and Virginia abortion laws with their coverage of this President continuing the policies of the Obama Administration at the border, including the Obama policy of separating children from adults. Or look now at how the media is scrambling to cover for and make excuses for the Democrats’ “Green New Deal,” going so far as to suggest that maybe, just maybe, the outline of policy initiatives was an error or forged.

Erickson also pointed out the good stuff that has happened in Trump’s administration like tax reform, rolling back regulations, withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, and his executive appointments.

Of course Trump’s demeanor still bothers him, but Erickson has come to accept that this is what Trump is and he will not change. He also noted that “the pretty smiles and calm demeanors the other side will probably work through the media to contrast with the President will not hide the fact they think children can be killed at birth, Christians should be removed from policy making positions, and the economy should be bankrupted to implement environmental policies that will not actually mitigate climate change.”

It will be interesting to see if any other #NeverTrump people will change course with the radical changes of the Democrats. I doubt many will. The majority remain blinded by their hate that they never give Trump props when he does something well or even try to understand why so many people voted for him.

I was never a Trump fan. I voted for Gary Johnson, but I was always #NeverHillary. I will end up voting libertarian again, but I live in Oklahoma so the state will be pure red no matter how I vote.

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