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Board of Trustees Approves Major Cuts at Carroll College

Board of Trustees Approves Major Cuts at Carroll College

“The college will eliminate five academic majors.”

Another small, private liberal arts college is trimming programs. Not a good sign for their future.

KRTV News reports:

Carroll College Board of Trustees approves major proposed cuts

Carroll College wrapped up its two day Board of Trustees meeting Friday afternoon.

The meeting is where Carroll President John Cech laid out his recommendations for cuts and reorganization.

The college will eliminate five academic majors.

The majors are:

– Classical Studies
– Ethics and Value Studies
– Engineering Science
– Environmental Outreach and Interpretation
– Environmental Policy and Project Management

Three other majors will be restructured. They are Public Relations, Environmental Science, and Secondary Education.

10 minors will be discontinued, as well as four associate degrees or certificates. The minors include Anthropology, Arts Management and Administration, Classical Studies, Economics, European Studies, Latin American Studies, Music, Public Relations, Social Media, and TV Production. The associate degree and certificates being discontinued are Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Project Management, and Social Media, and the English Associate Degree of Arts.

According to the college, every student currently in one of the programs sunsetting will have the opportunity to complete their degree. A special advisor will be assigned to the student to assist them in graduating on time.


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Should have kept Engineering Science since it is useful, and might even get you a job. Classical Studies, maybe, though it has probably been converted to some sort of SJW curriculum. The rest, bleh.

Here’s a link in case anyone wants to see what programs they’re keeping:

You’ll no doubt be relieved to learn that you can still major in Theatre with a minor in Gender Studies. /s

I find it hard to believe that they’re killing Engineering Science, an employable degree, while they’re keeping Gender Studies. I guess they think that virtue-signaling is more important than getting a job. It’s decisions like these that push small colleges into bankruptcy.