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Trump Grounds All Congressional Travel on Govt Planes During Shutdown Without WH Approval

Trump Grounds All Congressional Travel on Govt Planes During Shutdown Without WH Approval

Trump has also canceled travel plans

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not the only lawmaker to be denied access to government aircraft during the shutdown.

Thursday, the White House announced lawmakers wanting to leave the country would not be able to travel on government planes without White House approval.

Trump also canceled travel plans:

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G*d bless this man…

every day he is POTUS is a gift to our country.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to redc1c4. | January 18, 2019 at 5:47 pm

    I can’t wait for the Federal RIF that goes into effect in less than a week now!

      Trump signed off on guaranteeing payment to the furloughed during the length of the shut-down. I’m pretty sure that negates the automatic RIF. That sure would have been a great start in slashing non-essential government positions. A real cut for a change, not just a phony cut in the growth rate.

Trump wins!


Too bad they don’t have any cult leaders in Guyana to go investigate.

Might make an exception for that trip

Trump proves once again that he knows how to negotiate, not just how to grandstand.

Does Pelosi know that her attempt to leave the country during the shutdown makes it look like she has no interest in ending the shutdown? (Doubtful)

Do Pelosi and Schumer know that this is not just an attempt to own the news cycle, but a tactic to bring them to the negotiating table? (It depends on whether they have staffers who can wake them up and feed them an explanation along with their geritol).

    They can’t afford to return to the negotiating table. Trump is just not going to give on the wall requirement and for the Dems to cave on that would smash any semblance of Democratic Party cohesion. The uber-left would be unleashed. Trump wins 2020 in a landslide.

    Trump has the Dems cornered. That is why they have jumped on the dubious Buzzfeed story that would justify the immediate of Trump “if true”. Mark Levin shredded that story today. Since when are do “if true” stories have credibility?

    It’s one desperate hail Mary pass after the other. Trump is about to checkmate “the swamp” just as the women’s march that was supposed to kick start the Dem 2020 campaign unravels. Trump’s victory is going to mushroom into a rout. His second term could be monumental.

      The Dems can’t afford NOT to return to the negotiating table. Their rank and file are telling them that, because their constituents are reaching out and touching them.

      The Democrats and a lot of Republicans at the national level think that they are our leaders. They think they can tell us what to do for our own good. Voters think they are our representatives, and that they are supposed to provide for the general welfare of the voters, which is distinct from the welfare of the politicians’ friends and families.

        Neither side can afford to lose and Trump is into his 4th week of dominating and getting stronger. And he is going to make a “big” announcement tomorrow about the shutdown so another iron is about to be added to the fire.

        Pelosi already has a losing hand and Trump is poised to kick the legs out from under her. So it is Pelosi who cannot afford to return to the table without a concession from Trump. Whoever cracks will be painted as having surrendered and Trump clearly is not going to be that guy. Pelosi is in a box and can’t get out. Her future looks very grim.

One of Trump’s signature campaign promises was to build the wall. Dems need to realize that he’s serious about his campaign promises, and they need to be ready to wheel and deal. Give him a piece of his wall, and you can get some of what you want in return. Give him nothing, and you’ll get nothing.

If the Dems were to accept a compromise, say 2.5B for the wall, in return they could get what they need for DACA, and maybe a few other plums, as well as re-opening the government. But they’ve refused to negotiate or compromise.

Then they had planned an expensive junket at taxpayers’ expense, with problematic security in Egypt and Afghanistan, during the shutdown, making it impossible to end the shutdown while they’re off taking photos of the pyramids.

    tom_swift in reply to OldProf2. | January 19, 2019 at 9:20 am

    in return they could get what they need for DACA

    They’re not much interested in DACA or anything like it. The D’rat’s future depends on open borders and a flood of new low-skill and low-info voters hot for promises of unending government goodies. Nothing less will do.

Pelosi should buy congressional credits to compensate for her contribution to carbon dioxide emissions, unaffordable government, and immigration reform, which are fist-order forcings of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Governmental Whining (CAGW).