Thursday gave us what might be one of the greatest news stories of the year, at the very least, of the month.

As Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her entourage were on their way to the airport, they were informed that Trump had denied them access to a federal flight, citing the urgency of shutdown negotiations. More on that story here.

Friday, a spokesman for Pelosi’s office claimed the Trump administration leaked their plans to travel commercially. The administration responded, calling the accusation a “flat out lie.”

From The Daily Mail’s White House correspondent, Francesca Chambers:

And it looks like the administration is correct here. Bloomberg was informed by someone familiar with Pelosi’s travel plans that the delegation was going to take a commercial flight but did not publish the story, not until Pelosi and crew made public allegations.

From Bloomberg:

A person familiar with the congressional delegation’s plans told Bloomberg News earlier on Friday that Pelosi planned to fly commercial to Afghanistan. Bloomberg didn’t publish a report.

Pelosi’s delegation wasn’t the only one grounded. Trump grounded all Congressional delegation excursions until the shutdown is resolved:

Trump, too, cancelled plans:


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