To their credit, conservative students at the school spoke out about this.

Campus Reform reports:

Student gov promotes Planned Parenthood. Then conservatives push back.

A photo shared online by the University of Utah’s student government displayed their president holding a Planned Parenthood sign.

The Associated Students of the University of Utah (ASUU) posted a photo on its official Instagram account of the ASUU student body president, Connor Morgan, holding a Planned Parenthood sign at the Women’s March on Utah on Saturday.

“I was excited to see students from the U take an active and forward role in planning today’s march through their involvement in People for Unity, and I was thrilled to see student activists from the U address the crowd,” Morgan told The Daily Utah Chronicle in a quote also featured on the Instagram post.

The ASUU post concerned some students, including several members of College Republicans at the University of Utah.

“This is a very inappropriate use of ASUU’s official social media,” one Instagram user commented.

“On a public college campus, the University (student government, administration, professors, etc.) should not be showing innate bias, such as showing a Planned Parenthood poster,” UU College Republicans Secretary Raeanne Glover told Campus Reform. She stated that official university social media accounts are supposed to be used for promoting events on campus and improving the experience at the school, not advocating for political causes.

“We call upon the ASUU to focus on its events at the University of Utah,” she said.


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