The surest sign that Beto is running is that a leader of “Draft Beto 2020” just shared a video of Bernie Sanders on his honeymoon in the Soviet Unino 1988:

“Recently discovered footage from 1988 reveals a shirtless Bernie Sanders with his wife, Jane, on their honeymoon in the USSR, drunkenly signing “This Land Is Your Land” with a group of presumed Soviets.”

[Click image for video][Update – Tweet deleted, archived tweet here, video available here]

[Video clip also on YouTube]

The video was originally posted by someone named “M. Mendoza Ferrer” on Twitter. She doesn’t appear to be a fan of Bernie, considering him not woke enough to issues of color:

That’s some mighty fine oppo research. It’s amazing the Clintons didn’t dig it up in 2016 to use against Bernie.

The video comes from a Burlington, VT, CCTV Archive Compilation, according to Russian controlled Sputnik, which is having a hearty Russian laugh at the whole thing. But someone took the time to find it and enhance the image quality — in the video you almost can’t see Bernie it’s so dark.

[Click Image for Video]

We all knew Bernie honeymooned in the Soviet Union, and he’s a full-blooded Socialist. But still, images can be powerful.

In an age where Democrats have Russia Collusion Fever, there may be a whisper campaign that Bernie can’t be the nominee because his Soviet antics will detract from attacking Trump.

Indeed, the person who first posted the video notes that the Soviets were trying to compromise American visitors at the time (shocked!):

“Should be noted that Donald Trump’s first visit to the USSR was in 1987 which was around the time he “attracted the attention of Soviet intelligence” according to @politico”

Should be noted that Donald Trump's first visit to the USSR was in 1987 which was around the time he "attracted the attention of Soviet intelligence" according to @politico


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