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Journalist Who Exposed FIFA Corruption Murdered in Ghana

Journalist Who Exposed FIFA Corruption Murdered in Ghana

A lawmaker unveiled the journalist’s identity and address and encouraged people to attack him in public.

A man murdered Ahmed Hussein-Suale, a journalist who helped expose major FIFA corruption, as he drove home on a motorbike in Ghana. From USA Today:

Ahmed Hussein-Suale was killed late Wednesday, shot twice in the chest and once in the neck at close range while driving in the suburb of Accra where he lived. He died immediately, according to police.

Tiger Eye PI, the investigative journalism house Hussein-Suale worked for, said it had the hallmarks of a professional hit.

“We call on the security agencies to unmask the elements behind this assassination and bring them to book,” Tiger Eye PI said.

Police haven’t announced any arrests.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas, a famous investigative journalist in Ghana who worked with Hussein-Suale, confirmed the death on Facebook. Anas promised that “we shall not be silenced.”

Hussein-Suale’s work led to the banishment of Ghanaian Football Association President Kwesi Nyantakyi from soccer for life while the organization shut down:

The team got one of its biggest scoops when it caught Kwesi Nyantakyi, a member of world soccer’s FIFA Council and the second most powerful man in African soccer at the time, taking a bribe of $65,000 from their undercover reporters, who were posing as unethical businessmen. Nyantakyi smiles as he stuffs the wads of cash into a black plastic bag and agrees to use his position as president of the Ghanaian Football Association to help the businessmen – for a cut of their profits.

Nyantakyi resigned from all of his roles and was banned from soccer for life last year for bribery, corruption and conflict of interest as a result of the documentary.

The film also alleged widespread corruption among other officials, referees and coaches, and the entire Ghana Football Association was shut down by Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo as a result. The Confederation of African Football, the continent’s top soccer body, banned or suspended nearly two dozen referees and officials because of Anas’ team’s work.

Tiger Eye PI said Hussein-Suale’s last project for it was the soccer documentary. It didn’t say what other projects he was involved in for them. The BBC said Hussein-Suale worked with it on various projects, including an investigation into human body parts sold for ritual magic in Malawi.

Fingers have pointed to Ghanaian parliament member Kennedy Agyapong since he went on TV channel Net 2 to expose Hussein-Suale’s identity and home address. He also encouraged people to attack Hussein-Suale if they saw him in public:

Ranting and shouting into the camera, Agyapong said: “That boy (Ahmed-Hussein) that’s very dangerous, he lives here in Madina. If you meet him somewhere, break his ears. If he ever comes to this premises, I’m telling you, beat him. Whatever happens, I’ll pay because he’s bad, that Ahmed.”

The station also broadcast photographs of Hussein-Suale, apparently revealing his identity. Agyapong, in comments made on Ghanaian radio on Thursday, denied any involvement in the killing.


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Why did I think of Jessica Savitch when I realized it involved sports?

America has become a banana republic, no different then what our media and left wing nut jobs are screaming for


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This is where Democrats are taking America. Quite gleefully too I might add!

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