Israel continues to rollout Hezbollah attack tunnel discoveries, each to much fanfare for the media and diplomats.

Although Israeli likely knows about almost all the tunnels, it waits a few days between discoveries in order to maximize the exposure and keep the news cycle going.

We have followed the rollout in these posts:

Today was tunnel No. 5, as the Times of Israel reports:

The Israeli military announced Wednesday it had discovered a new cross-border attack tunnel from Lebanon, the fifth such subterranean passage it has uncovered since launching an operation to destroy the Hezbollah-dug tunnels.

The latest tunnel was dug from Ayta ash Shab, a village across the border from the farming community of Shtula, and entered Israeli territory, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

The IDF said the tunnel was found “a number of days ago” and has now been destroyed.

This Google satellite map shows how close Ayta ash Shab is to the Israeli border:,+Lebanon/@33.0906351,35.315029,6052m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x151c29ba0940538f:0x46d1ca6682022402!8m2!3d33.0975932!4d35.3353853

This video is a compilation of videos released by the IDF today (with English subtitles here and here)

Retired Israeli Brigadier-General  describes the likely Hezbollah tunnel battle plan:

The operational plan includes:

  1. The training of Hizbullah special forces to take control of isolated Israeli communities along the northern border. In Hizbullah terminology, this is referred to as “the conquest of the Galilee.” (See JCPA article, November 2, 2011, here.)
  2. The construction of tunnels infiltrating into Israeli territory, close to Israeli communities. The tunnels are intended for the movement of several hundred fighters, and not to abduct soldiers or civilians. The model that Mughniyah visualized was that of invasion tunnels from North Korea into South Korea, which his Iranian guides had studied intensively.

The tunnels are not the gravest threat to Israel. The Iranian-supplied missiles in the possession of Hezbollah, Iran’s building a 100,000 strong Shia militia into Syria from other Muslim countries, and Iran’s entrenchment in Syria, all are greater threats. But taking the tunnels off the table is a low-risk improvement of the security situation.


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