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Clemson University Prof Thinks Human Extinction Would Save the Planet

Clemson University Prof Thinks Human Extinction Would Save the Planet

“human beings are unique in how evilly they treat animals and the environment”

This is just further proof that for the left, climate change has essentially become a doomsday cult.

The College Fix reports:

Professor: Humanity’s extinction would help save the planet

Would the extinction of the human race be a tragedy if it means saving the planet? For Todd May, a philosophy professor at Clemson University, the answer is unclear. The eradication of the human race may be a good thing if it ends mistreatment of animals and abuse of the environment.

Writing in The New York Times, May describes humanity as a “tragic character,” noting: “It is humanity that is committing a wrong, a wrong whose elimination would likely require the elimination of the species, but with whom we might be sympathetic nonetheless for reasons I discuss in a moment.”

The wrong? Human beings are “destroying large parts of the inhabitable earth and causing unimaginable suffering to many of the animals that inhabit it.”

This is happening in three different ways, according to May. First, the devastation to ecosystems from man-made climate change. Second, expanding human populations are “encroaching on ecosystems that would otherwise be intact.” And finally, farmers are creating millions and millions of animal lives solely for the purpose of slaughtering them for food.

“To be sure, nature itself is hardly a Valhalla of peace and harmony. Animals kill other animals regularly, often in ways that we (although not they) would consider cruel,” he acknowledges. But human beings are unique in how evilly they treat animals and the environment.


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Well, in the pursuit of cleansing the planet of eeeeevil human influence, removing any vestiges of our presence, I can only say to the kind professor:

lead by example.
Show us how you would remove yourself from the equation…

…theoretically, of course.

“Todd May, a philosophy professor …”

Philosophy today is no longer the honorable pursuit of Truth it once was. It is one of the farthest left of a whole host of lefty fields in academia.

It’s a shame. From Plato to this in only a few thousand years.

    JOHN B in reply to irv. | December 22, 2018 at 4:07 pm

    A philosophy professor declaring his “expertise” on climate science, zoology, botany and other fields to declare that mass murder is the solution for our planet.

    And of course, the NY Times publishes it.

Each and every one of us will become extinct before too many decades. Hopefully Mr. May will lead the way. I don’t think tomorrow is too soon.

Save the planet for what, exactly? The silvery minnow? If humans are extinct, does it really matter what happens to the planet?

The professor should make himself extinct first, to set an example.

Voice_of_Reason | December 22, 2018 at 7:07 am

the far left is as misanthropic and nihilist as isis. both would extirminate humanity to achieve their vision of paradise, if they had the means.

How is this going to save the planet from uncontrolled wildfires, floods, rising sea levels from the cyclic climate changes, the ice ages from cyclic climate changes, the space meteor of death and finally the destruction of the earth by fire from the expanding sun?

    Because non of those calamities will happen without anthropomorphic climate change.

    Al Gore told me that the sun, meteors, ice ages don’t matter. All that matters is what we (but not Al and his friends) do.