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Chicago Women’s March Canceled Amid Anti-Semitism, Nation of Islam Controversy

Chicago Women’s March Canceled Amid Anti-Semitism, Nation of Islam Controversy

The fallout continues.

The organizers of the Women’s March in Chicago have canceled the 2019 march due to the anti-Semitic views of Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory at the national level.

The ties to Nation of Islam and hatred of Jews by the leaders is nothing new to us at LI, but since Tablet magazine’s investigation, the fallout continues and no one can ignore the truth anymore.

From The Chicago Tribune:

While Women’s March Chicago organizers cited high costs and limited volunteer hours as the main reasons for nixing the annual rally and march, the break comes amid splintering within the national Women’s March leadership following accusations of anti-Semitism and scrutiny of its ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

Marches and rallies are still planned for Jan. 19 in Washington, D.C., and dozens of cities nationwide and internationally, as well as other parts of Illinois like Rockford, southwest suburban New Lenox and northwest suburban Woodstock.

Women’s March Chicago leaders say they’ll commemorate the anniversary of the original march with another activity but haven’t released any details on the location or nature of the event.

“There’s no march, there’s no rally,” said Sara Kurensky, Women’s March Chicago board member. “We’re going to provide ways for people to organize and take action in their local communities.”

However, the Chicago’s Women’s March had to speak out against Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan last February. Reports came out that Mallory attended one of his events where he claimed “powerful Jews are my enemy” and he “pulled the cover off the eyes of the Satanic Jew.” He also blamed Jews of controlling the economy and government in an effort to keep down the black man.

This makes me think the real reason is because of the anti-Semitic and racist views of Sarsour and Mallory. Kurensky even admitted that “the opportunity to further distance the Chicago organization from national Women’s March leaders was a ‘side benefit.'”

Washington state’s chapter of the Women’s March closed a few weeks ago because of the ant-Semitism.

The Chicago Tribune spoke to sociology professor Dana Fisher about the anti-Semitic controversy. Fisher believes it will affect the marches in January and the groups won’t see a lot of participation:

She added that the recent conflict over national leadership doesn’t help.

“I think it would be a heavy lift without the controversy, and with the controversy, it just gives another reason not to march,” said Fisher, author of the forthcoming book “American Resistance,” which will be coming out in mid-2019. “I think in general the numbers should be down, but I do think there will be commemorations across the country. And I think a lot of people will want to support the new Congress and the blue wave that brought them into office.”


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Interesting that feminists would allow themselves to be led by a woman who is the proud member of a religion that oppresses women and dresses like a refuge from the 7th century.

Women apparently aren’t a monolithic group.
Who knew ?

It’s not very common for the chickens of leftist bigotry to come home to roost like this.

Prediction: The Chicago Women’s March will pretend to disband, while actually just changing its name. Maybe one or two people will be ritually sacrificed to the court of public opinion, to make it look good. Then the “new” organization will continue on with exactly the same people (except for the ones sacrificed), policies, goals and practices as before.

The money will continue to roll in as intended. The media will accept the pretense of change and congratulate them on rising above controversy. The anti-semitism will not actually be reduced one iota but coverage of it will disappear (except here at LI).

Isn’t it funny how liberals scream about how racist conservatives are, and yet the people who feel comfortable enough to publicly espouse explicit racism are ALWAYS liberals?

    tkdkerry in reply to Olinser. | December 26, 2018 at 1:27 pm

    Nah, they would never be uncomfortable at all. You see, they’re not racist because they CAN’T be, and they can’t be racist because they’re woke. You and I MUST be racist because we’re not woke. And we CAN’T be woke because ( if I may presume ) you and I are conservative.

      Walker Evans in reply to tkdkerry. | December 26, 2018 at 2:14 pm

      Conservatives cannot be “woke” because we know the truth; the word in this usage started in Ferguson in the aftermath of BLM lies about the entirely justified death of felon Mike Brown. Since we know that BLM is a lie based on a lie, we also know that “woke” in this context is no more than a word without substance or meaning, a failed attempt to substitute for both “reason” and “understanding”.

Don’t worry. Rich libetal Jews loke Ben & Jerry will reconstitute the same march with the same #BDS agenda under a different name with a little polishing. They figure they get the jelly, someone else gets the jihad.

“Sarsour” is just another way to spell “hijack”. There is no way anyone could fail to see that this would become an anti-Jewish rant-fest as soon as the press latched onto her as some sort of spokesman.

These bigoted pigs.

Add le bron james to the dais.

Steel Band Louie does it again!