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Trump On Whitaker Limiting Mueller Investigation: “It’s Gonna Be Up To Him”

Trump On Whitaker Limiting Mueller Investigation: “It’s Gonna Be Up To Him”

The president continues, “I wouldn’t get involved.”

As the #NeverTrump right joins forces with the progressive left to call on acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker to recuse himself from the Mueller probe, President Trump appeared on Fox News Sunday and voiced his support for Whitaker’s decisions regarding the investigation.

Asked if he would be “okay” with any attempt by Whitaker to “limit or curtail” the Mueller investigation, Trump responded, “Look, it’s gonna be up to him.”

Fox News reports:

Trump also defended Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker against Democrats’ calls that he should recuse himself because he has written critically of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.

“I did not know that,” Trump said, when asked if he was aware prior to appointing him that Whitaker had argued Mueller’s authority and funding could justifiably be limited. “I did not know he took views on the Mueller investigation as such.”

Trump added that he “would not get involved” in Whitaker’s decisions as he oversees Mueller’s probe in his new role as head of the Justice Department. The DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel issued an opinion affirming the constitutionality of Whitaker’s temporary appointment without Senate approval.

“Look he — it’s going to be up to him,” Trump said. I think he’s very well aware politically. I think he’s astute politically. He’s a very smart person. A very respected person. He’s going to do what’s right. I really believe he’s going to do what’s right.”

Watch the clip:

During this segment of the interview, host Chris Wallace showed clips of Whitaker stating on various news programs that there is no collusion.  Trump points out that Whitaker is right, “there is no collusion.”

NBC News reports:

On Whitaker, Trump said he “did not know he took views on the Mueller investigation,” adding that those views didn’t have “any effect” on the appointment. But, Trump said his views on the probe are “right.”

“What do you do when a person’s right?” Trump said. “There is no collusion. He happened to be right. I mean, he said it. So if he said there is collusion, I’m supposed to be taking somebody that says there is? Because then I wouldn’t take him for two reasons, but the number one reason is the fact that he would have been wrong. If he said that there’s no collusion, he’s right.”


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can we please stop referring to the #NeverTrump cuckservatives as being part of the right?

they are not now and never really were truly conservative. they are simply grifters and remoras, sucking life blood from the body politic and preaching a sad philosophy of failure and oppression.

be gone with them.

    Right on.

    But for that rat Paul Ryan, the GOP might have held the House.

    CDR D in reply to redc1c4. | November 18, 2018 at 6:04 pm

    They are hucksters selling sea cruises where one can pay to be subjected to their pontifications and assorted impotent bullsh1t, knowing that they will never be in a position to actually be held accountable for their repeated failures. See: Bill Kristol, et al.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to redc1c4. | November 18, 2018 at 6:18 pm

    I would like to see a special prosecutor appointed to dig deeply into Mueller’s background.

This should melt some skulls. Pass the popcorn and add some butter.

regulus arcturus | November 18, 2018 at 3:48 pm

There is no reason for Whitaker to recuse.

There is cause to remove Jeff Flake from Senate Judiciary.

I could see Whitaker asking for the initial evidence that triggered the Russian investigation and then making it public. If this whole mess is based on lies or made up charges then Whitaker could very easily take it public and put a stop to it. One thing that most Americans can say about themselves it that they are fair-minded. If this investigation can be shown to be a fraud/anti-Trump witch hunt then the public will see the need to end it.

He’s POTUS Cuckservative’s Cruise Ship alternative for Egg McMuffin

Whitaker was correct when he stated his belief that Mueller does not, and should not, have a “no limit” charge to investigate anything which strikes his fancy (or words to that effect). Mueller was charged publicly with investigating alleged Russian efforts to involve themselves in the 2016 Presidential (and maybe other) election. IIRC, we still don’t know what classified additional charge Mueller received from Asst AG Rosenstein to apparently provide legality to his actions which departed from the public charge.

Investigation of the President’s family who were not involved in the campaign organization should be off limits to Mueller’s Merry Band. Seeking the President’s tax returns for the previous X years is supposed to be off limits absent showing the IRS that they are pertinent to the criminal investigation. And, while I’m at it, as there is not such crime in the US Code as “collusion”, either Mueller comes forth with probable cause worthy evidence of a criminal conspiracy regarding the election, or Whitaker should tell him to bring any pending indictments and shut it down.

Actually, Mueller is providing the Administration a valuable service. He’s demonstrating that President Trump is the cleanest man we’ve had in politics since at least the early 20th century, and maybe longer. Not even a full-blown witch hunt has been able to find anything which hits close to home. A few peripheral characters have been charged—but nothing to do with Trump and damn little to do with Russia has emerged. There’s no need to shut Mueller down. Rein him in a bit, sure, just so he doesn’t annoy people who don’t deserve that sort of harassment. But by all means, let him continue to investigate suspicions of Trump and clear him even more.