In the wake of the midterm election last week, I remarked to a friend that California remained Satan’s playground.

Little did I realize that this would be prophetic, as vast portions of our state have become a Hell-scape and over 20 people have died in devastating wildfires that are scattered across the state.

The remains of 14 more victims were found in the ashes of a massive Northern California wildfire, bringing the total number of deaths from blazes raging across the state to at least 25, officials said Saturday.

Butte County Sheriff Kory L. Honea said the 14 bodies were recovered in the Camp Fire, thought to be the most destructive wildfire in state history. Nine deaths had previously been reported in that fire.

Two bodies also were found in the burn zone of the Woolsey Fire in Southern California, officials said.

“I know that members of our community who are missing loved ones are anxious, and I know that the news of us recovering bodies has to be disconcerting,” Honea said. “I will tell you that we are doing everything that we possibly can to identify those remains and make contact with the next of kin.”

“My heart goes out to those people. I will tell you that this weighs heavy on all of us,” he said.

The blazes of most concern are:

  • The Camp Fire:  23 people have died, as the inferno has claimed 109,000 acres,  and destroyed 6,453 homes.  The entire town of Paradise has been seared from the face of the Earth.
  • The Hill Fire: The blaze in Southern California’s Ventura County began Thursday, has already burned 4,531 acres and destroyed two buildings.
  • The Woolsey Fire: This wildfire has hit the famous Malibu area hard and has already killed 2 people and destroyed 177 homes:

    The blaze began in Simi Valley and quickly spread in several directions to threaten Malibu and other communities, jumping Highway 101 in three places, according to the publication.

    Firefighters battling “extreme fire behavior” are focusing on protecting lives and property in steep terrain with limited access, Cal Fire reported. Three of the 3,200 firefighters battling the blaze have been injured.

While San Diego remains unaffected at the present time, we are all on pins-and-needles as the Santa Ana winds are poised to begin and a mere spark may set off another inferno in this area. Last night, I slept with the windows open so that I might be able to smell smoke or hear alarms…and I plan to do so tonight.

The root cause of these fires is not climate change, but poor land management and regulatory catering to the politicized science associated with “global warming.” As none of our state politicians and bureaucrats have focused on needed reforms, President Donald Trump issued a tweet to motivate them:

The response is exactly what would expect, which is a mixture of denial, projection, and Trump Derangement Syndrome:

State Sen. Henry Stern, a Democrat from Los Angeles, said fires aren’t about politics or jurisdictions.

“Fires do not respect politics, though, so I would beg the President to pursue a major disaster declaration and not make this a political incident,” Stern said. “We have many parties, many views out here, and it’s really not about politics, it is about people.”

A number of celebrities also responded to Trump’s tweet Saturday.

“This is an absolutely heartless response,” singer Katy Perry tweeted. “There aren’t even politics involved. Just good American families losing their homes as you tweet, evacuating into shelters.”

Based on the response to Trump’s diagnostic tweet, as well as the state’s midterm election results, I anticipate California will remain Satan’s playground for some time to come.