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Rutgers Clears Prof Who Wrote About Hating White People on Facebook

Rutgers Clears Prof Who Wrote About Hating White People on Facebook

“did not violate the University’s Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment”

We covered this story at the time. Another classic case of someone getting into trouble over social media.

The College Fix reports:

University clears professor who wrote on Facebook about hating white people

A professor at Rutgers University has been cleared of wrongdoing by the school after he wrote an anti-white Facebook post earlier this year. The school determined that, in writing about his hatred of white people on his personal Facebook account, the professor did not violate any university policy.

The post by history professor James Livingston expressed frustration about white people in Harlem as well as a general hatred of white people.

“OK, officially, I now hate white people. I am a white people, for God’s sake, but can we just keep them—us—us out of my neighborhood?” wrote Livingston on May 31.

Livingston described entering a burger restaurant in Harlem and finding “the place overrun with little Caucasian assholes who know their parents will approve of anything they do.”

“I hereby resign from my race. Fuck these people,” Livingston wrote.

Rutgers’s Office of Employment Equity initially determined that Livingston had violated the university’s Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment. Livingston appealed the decision; the university rejected that appeal. Earlier this month, however, the Office of Employment Equity determined that Livingston “did not violate the University’s Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment” in writing the anti-white post.

In an email interview with The College Fix, Livingston said he was grateful to both Rutgers’s president Robert Barchi, who remanded the case to be reevaluated by the equity office, as well as “the colleagues and friends who stood up for me, regardless of how they felt about my Facebook posts.”


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So they’re okay with a professor who hates white people. Fine. But did any of them bother to check into the obvious mental health issues? If this idiot shoots up a McDonald’s, it’s on their heads.

I’m curious if we would have seen the same ruling if we substituted “black” for “white” in that professor’s post.

    Richard Grant in reply to w3woody. | November 26, 2018 at 4:56 pm

    That depends of if the Professor is White or Black, or at least anything but White.

    This is the same with a White police officer having shot (for whatever reason) a Black person – vs- a Black police officer shooting (for whatever reason) a Black person.

    The killing is not the issue. Race is everything.

    I wonder what would happen to a Professor if they said/wrote nice things about White people.

So….. Regardless of what you do, you cannot discriminate against or harass a “White Person”?

There is a storm coming, and it will not end well….