We have run hundreds of bumper stickers and other forms of automobile messaging over the years.

This one was sent by reader Norbie a few days ago:

From deep blue Illinois. Actually, mostly Chicago and the collar counties are blue, and the rest of the state is basically red. But this pic is from the collar county of Kane. Even people here are fed up and walking away.

The car had corresponding wraps on the rear passenger windows as well.

I didn’t know what “collar counties” meant, so Norbie explained:

We call the counties surrounding Cook County (Chicago) the “collar counties.” Not necessarily blue collar workers – there are a lot of white collar workers in the suburbs and there’s not as much manufacturing as there used to be.

I normally run bumper stickers first thing in the morning. But I wanted this one to linger overnight.

There’s no looking back, at this point. It’s Trump and Republicans, or #TheResistance.

It’s binary.


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