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LA D.A. won’t charge Michael Avenatti with felony domestic violence, refers to case City Attorney for misdemeanor consideration

LA D.A. won’t charge Michael Avenatti with felony domestic violence, refers to case City Attorney for misdemeanor consideration

Avenatti releases statement suggesting lack of charges (so far) serve as exoneration

Monday, actress Mareli Miniutti requested a restraining order against estranged boyfriend, Michael Avenatti. Avenatti is the fame-lusting attorney who represented porn actress Stormy Daniels.

Miniutti alleges Avenatti called her an “ungrateful bitch” and forcibly removed her from his apartment, leaving her legs and back scratched up.

Avenatti has denied all allegations and said that the evidence will prove as much.

Wednesday, the case was referred to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office “for misdemeanor filing consideration.”

Avenatti released a statement saying the lack of charges (to date) prove his innocence.


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Comanche Voter | November 21, 2018 at 5:51 pm

Hey if you are a big time Democrat, and you’re dealing with a 21 or 22 year old intern (or actress) you can rough them up a bit. Maybe stick a cigar where it shouldn’t be, or throw them out of your apartment in their underwear. The deaf dumb and blind monkeys in the press and the DA’s office won’t see or care. Heck, they may even volunteer to be your cigar humidor. Nina Burleigh,I’m looking at you.

    Rough them up or violate them with a cigar? Ha! That’s for the little pikers. The real Dim big-boys, the Kennedy brothers, drowned them in cars and pimped them out to their big campaign donors in the White House swimming pool. Papa Joe was so proud!

because of course they didn’t. Los Angeles is beyond corrupt, and has been for years. “It’s Chinatown, Jake.”

we are no longer a nation of laws, and the hot civil war gets closer every day… because we’re already deep into a cold one, and the spark is coming.

that which can’t go on, won’t.

Interestring. The LA DA took a break from his golfing schedule to announce that beating up a girl in LA is nothing butva mesdemeanor – depending, of course, on who is doing the beating up.

3.1. Penal Code 273.5, corporal injury to a spouse or inhabitant

Penal Code 273.5 makes it illegal to inflict a “corporal injury” that results in even a slight physical injury to an intimate partner.

PC 273.5 is a felony. Possible penalties for a first offense range from one (1) year in county jail to up to four (4) years in California state prison.

The entire justice system both federal and state is corrupt.

Subotai Bahadur | November 21, 2018 at 7:50 pm

In Democrat controlled polities, and in the MSM, none of the penalties of the law apply to Leftists. None of the protections of the law apply to non-Leftists. That which cannot go on, will not go on.

Suddenly, timely charges, corroborating evidence, even due process, perhaps, is tres chic. He’s obviously a warlock and should be Planned under the Twilight Amendment.

>Kavanuagh gets accused


>Due process exonerates Avenatti


Look, if you want to just jettison jurisprudence in favour of in-group loyalties that’s fine. I mean, after the Ghomeshi trial, Mattress Girl and Kavanaugh, I’m perfectly willing to put tribe over truth – Avenetti’s a white male, so am I, therefore he’s innocent. But let’s be honest about what we’re doing here.

(FWIW, if I were a betting man I’d put $20 on the apartment building security video showing Avenetti trying to eject a shrieking, clawing, she-cat from his apartment while she tries to claw his eyes out.)

    There can be many purely valid reasons for not pursuing felony battery charges in cases such as these. This essentially a simple battery case, with evidence that strongly suggests that the victim was battered. However, it is only a felony because these two people share an intimate or domestic relationship. And, jurors are often disinclined to render a judgement of guilt for a felony, especially if there is any evidence, or even strong suggestion, that the victim contributed to the altercation. The problem here is that the prosecutor’s office has not released any explanation for its decision. Being a high profile case, this is unusual.

    The reason why the Avenati case generates such negative response is that we have a person who strongly advocated that women be believed, without any supporting evidence, and their statements be acted upon. He was part of a concerted effort to deny a person a position, for which he was extremely qualified, through unsubstantiated innuendo. This action caused extreme distress for him, his family and represented and existential threat to the basis of our society, the presumption of innocence. Now he is being accused of a violent act against a woman and he demands that the accuser PROVE her accusations, rather than her statement, which is seemingly partially supported by physical evidence. Also, the chorus, which has been DEMANDING that women be believed whether any evidence, to support their claim, is presented or not, is mute in this case. This raises the hypocrisy flag to new heights and undermines the “women never lie” movement. People are taking this opportunity to note that.

I’m noticing a pattern here.

Another crime was committed by her beautician. Felony hair styling.

Lets not get too righteous. I’m being harrassed right here in front of your noses by Fuzzy and LI staff won’t even acknowledge my complaint.

Fuzzy is attacking me and then deleting the evidence, gaslighting me when I complain about those attacks, deleting posts by me and others who criticize her tactics, deleting random posts by me that have nothing to do with her, then stalking me around the blog making accusations I’m the one obsessed with her. This keeps up, Fuzzy will be hectoring me to join a gym so we can explain away ths bruises on my body (that was a joke, meant to be a humorous reminder we don’t take female cyberbullying seriously).

I have been here 7 years without an incident, and considered Fuzzy a friend for at least the last year.

But she is abusive towards guests here and abuses her moderation and administrative authority to settle personal grudges, and Professor Jacobson has done nothing.

Same as he has done nothing for tbs last 2 years amid some 40+ complaints about Rags constantly bullying guests who comment here.

Not even the courtesy of a response. Just sweep it under the rug, then delete anyone who lifts up the rug and points. How is that any different than the tactics of the Left, of the CNNs and the Avanettis out there?

Every single day, this blog speaks to an adherence to conservative principles, implying that it is better to be virtuous and take the high road in response to the Left, even when that handicaps tha Right.

But when the tables are turned, Professor Jacobson and his staff can’t even keep their own house clean without behaving just like the marxists on the Left? You are supposed to be better than that.

So don’t mock Avenetti too loudly.

    So let me get this straight, Fen. You get to lie about me, attack me, and relentlessly pursue an unintended slight that hurt your feewings, but I can neither a.) respond and defend myself, nor b.) spam your vitriolic lies?

    I see. So this works how? You just smear and defame me, and I have no recourse at all?

    You are a crazy person, Fen, and apparently, your hubris has no end. You totally misunderstood something I wrote, and you won’t acknowledge that you were wrong or move on. I don’t personally need you to admit you were wrong; everyone knows it, but most importantly I know it. But you can’t let it drop; you have to keep hounding and stalking me like an unhinged loon.

    You slithered onto a pedestal of your own making over a harmless remark I made and have not let go for almost TWO MONTHS. That is not normal; nothing you can say will make that normal. You harp on it, insult me, the prof, and this website. Your tiny, petty little being is OFFENDED! Offended you say! So much so that you imagine you can repeatedly insult and attack me without my responding (You just “Gosh, gee! I’m being so attacked and victimized, waaaaaahhhhhh, I’m melting!”) and without my removing your insults and attacks (You just “I have a First and Second Amendment right to smear Fuzzy, and if she spams my attacks she’s all Avenetti and stuff!”).

    You are a tiny little man who imagines he’s set up the perfect trap: after all, according to your rules, I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t. I can’t respond to your attack, and I can’t spam your ridiculous, unfounded attacks. So what? I just sit back and let you harass, stalk, and try to intimidate me? Dude, that’s not how it works.

    Fen, you insult the intelligence of every single person at LI, and crow about it in complete, self-absorbed ignorance. I find you sad.

      (assume a polite and civil response countering your points that you will just delete while sliming me as a “delusional nutjob”. …in the interests of saving us both the time and energy).

      And I’ve already explained several times that I’m not bothering to even read your responses till to post that apology thread I outlined a month ago.

      …with that pic of you four pancakes on your head increased to FIVE as an Ego Fine. But also to show I’m still trying to have a sense of humor about this.

      Although having to copy/paste all my comments and screenshot to protect myself from unjust deletions and false accusations is becoming tiresome. Are you proud of yourself?

      Regardless, enjoy your Thanksgiving old friend.

        Fen in reply to Fen. | November 22, 2018 at 2:54 am

        For those you who were promised there would be no math:

        The average weight of a pancake is 70 grams.

        To date, Fuzzy has incurred an Ego Penalty of FIVE pancakes balanced on her delightful noggin

        70 grams x 5 = 350 grams

        350 grams = 0.772 pounds

        Starting to get heavy, eh? 🙂

          Um, wait, are you trying to prove that you are unhinged and have an unnatural obsession with me? If so, yay you! Mission accomplished.

          Fen in reply to Fen. | November 22, 2018 at 4:30 am

          You keep following me around to remind me I’m stalking you.

          Phil was the one who brought it up yesterday, not me.

          Leave me alone.

          Ha! You are such a coward and so devoid of belief in your convictions that you back down . . . and blame Phil. Seriously? You’ve harped on and insulted and stalked me for almost TWO MONTHS over a comment I made that you plainly misread. But yeah, let’s play it your way; you’re the victim.

          Just wondering: Are you this stupid? Or do you just imagine LI readers are? Maybe both?

          I’m good with dropping it, particularly since I never thought there was any there there, anyway. You do not, however, have a free rein to attack me, the prof, and LI. Your bizarre gottcha gimmick (if I respond to your attacks, I’m out of line, and if I delete them, I’m out of line) is a laughingstock. You do not have a “right” to attack and stalk me. Period.

        I love this! Your whole pajama boy “my feewings are hursts and I haz a sad” whinging lunacy is supposedly based in your self-righteous demand for an apology, but you (claim you) aren’t reading my posts. I call BS on that, you are reading every word.

        Re: “unjust deletions”: Okay, this made me giggle. A lot. “Unjust deletions” on a private blog? Bwahaha.

        Re: “false accusations”: Like what? That this isn’t all based in your crazy response to an off-hand comment I made (one that I had already made to another LI commenter a mere 10 minutes earlier?). Bwahaha

        I wouldn’t say, in answer to your question, that I am proud of myself, but I do know that I will never ever be bullied into apologizing for something that I don’t think was wrong, and that I will never ever allow someone like you to dictate the terms of my response to your crazy stalker fetish.

        Yeah, Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. I wish even the most petty, vile, and self-serving loons a happy Thanksgiving.

          I am free to complain about your continual abuse. You are free to defend yourself. But there is no need for you to address me directly or continue to verbally abuse me.

          Just compare our remarks. Mine are lucid, professional, humorous and even kind. Yours are… not.

          Fen: “Regardless, enjoy your Thanksgiving, old friend 🙂 ”

          Fuzzy: “You vile petty self-serving loon”

          You are a blog administrator. Professor Jacobson has entrusted you with power and authority to act on his behalf. Your actions represent and reflect on Legal Innsurrection. You should comport yourself more professionally.

          I was welped and whipped on Usenet. I am a former United States Marine. It is impossible for you to intimidate me into silence. You are only getting mud all over that pretty dress.

          There is a very simple way for you to get out of this and return everything back to the way it was.

          Hint: one of us boxed you in and it wasn’t me

          “Reason is the first victim of strong emotion” – Herbert

          ” I am a former United States Marine.”

          You’re the first Marine I’ve ever heard/read that used the word “former”.

          Barry, if you are trying to imply something dishonorable like Stolen Valor, you should probably be sure you know what you’re talking about:

          Same goes for White Knighting for some chic before you know what she did.

          And right. You didn’t mean do to either of those things. Sure.

          Rags pulled this same bs. I told him I’d fax my DD214 oved to the guys at ThisAintHell soon as they confirmed his donation of $200.

          Would you like to put your money where your mouth is?

          (and geez, thanks a lot dude. Disappointed you would pull that stunt on me)

          One of my best friends, all the way back to HS, is a Marine, 1971 – 1975. I have two more friends, made later in life, that are Marines. None ever refer to their selves as “former”. Fen is just an internet commenter as is Barry. I have no idea who you are nor do I particularly care. I do know you demean yourself with your constant harangue against FS. I’d say let it go.

          But no, I’m not implying your not a Marine, I have no way of knowing that. I’m pointing out what my friends would tell you.

          Post a little early, what my friends would tell you in spite of the article you reference.

They really shouldn’t have made such a big deal about him whacking her with the pillow. It’s tough to push the whole case out of “giggle” territory after something like that.

    EEllis in reply to tom_swift. | November 22, 2018 at 8:41 am

    I don’t think it was the pillow that was big assault. The dragging, pushing, taking the phone, etc. Mind you the pillow doesn’t sound like some lighthearted fun that got out of hand. Its sounds like someone who is trying his best to abuse someone while covering his ass. It wouldn’t of hurt but it was meant to control, demean, and abuse.

Shouldn’t matter…Dems need to lie in the believe all women bed that they made.


No references to “creepy porn lawyer”?