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Actress claims Avenatti called her an “ungrateful b*tch” and left red marks on her body

Actress claims Avenatti called her an “ungrateful b*tch” and left red marks on her body

Details of Alleged Domestic Violence Incident Involving Michael Avenatti Emerge

Monday, actress Mareli Miniutti requested a restraining order against estranged boyfriend, Michael Avenatti. Avenatti, of course, represented porn actress Stormy Daniels in her complaints against President Trump.

Now, details of that alleged encounter have emerged.

According to Miniutti, she has been living with Avenatti since January. On November 13, she alleges Avenatti called her an “ungrateful bitch,” forcibly drug her from bed, through the apartment, and into the hall. Miniutti claims that the encounter left her scratched up.

The Blast has more details:

Michael Avenatti is accused of attacking his girlfriend and dragging her around the apartment floor while calling her an “Ungrateful f*cking bitch,” this according to the declaration submitted by Mareli Miniutti.

Miniutti claims she had been living with Stormy Daniels’ attorney since January, and on November 13, they got into an argument over money. She claims Avenatti called her an “Ungrateful f*cking bitch” and began forcefully hitting her in the face with pillows from the bed.

She says Avenatti exclaimed, “Do not disrespect me,” and then told her she could not sleep in his house that night. She says he grabbed the “wrist of my right arm,” and “attempted to pull me out of bed.”

Miniutti claims she tried texting a friend for help, but claims Avenatti grabbed the cell phone. The actress says he remained very close to her and she was afraid for her safety.

Avenatti then allegedly grabbed her by the arm and dragged her out of bed, on the floor and through the apartment and out the front door into the hallway. Miniutti claims she was injured while being dragged, and provided pictures of her alleged injuries in her court filing.

The actress says she was in her underwear and also suffered scratches to her back. After being dragged into the hallway, Miniutti says she began ringing a neighbor’s doorbell until Avenatti allegedly ran out and pulled her back into his apartment.

Avenatti denied Miniutti’s account and says he looks forward to the evidence proving his innocence. From NBC:

“I have never been physically abusive in my life nor was I last night. Any accusations to the contrary are fabricated and meant to do harm to my reputation. I look forward to being fully exonerated,” Avenatti said in a statement at the time. He has since repeatedly denied the accusations on Twitter, and claims he has surveillance footage that shows he is innocent.

On Tuesday, he tweeted his request to have the building where the alleged incident happened turn over footage from Nov. 13 and Nov. 14 to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Avenatti told NBC News Tuesday that he will be proven innocent when all the facts come out.

“I have not been charged with any crime,” Avenatti said. “When all of the facts and evidence, including the security footage, the Instagram posts, and physical evidence is disclosed — which I desperately want — I will be proven innocent. I have done nothing wrong.”

Miniutti, who is requesting a permanent restraining order, said that Tuesday’s incident wasn’t the first time Avenatti had been abusive. She said he once pushed her in the hallway, where she hit her head, and he threw shoes at her.


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It would be interesting if one of them DNA Outfits compared CPL to James Carville.

Just sayin’


Miniutti claims she had been living with Stormy Daniels’ attorney since January

If anything falls in the category of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” this is it.

So the creepy porn lawyer likes a little rough stuff? Throwing her out of the apartment in her underwear doesn’t square with the story that she was screaming, “I can’t believe you did this to me” outside the building–then being escorted back in to the apartment. I’d be willing to bet that he had the locks changed and she couldn’t get back in to the apartment.

Anyway–sleep with a shmuck –bad things will happen.

    You’re getting the timeline a bit screwed. He threw her out after taking her phone then when she tried to get to a neighbor he drug her back in. She then got her pant on, but still no shoes, and snuck by him and got down stairs to security. He showed up there right after and the security had her celebrated from him. The phone was then returned to her. She left, and then later noticed the superficial injuries and made a report. She went back the next day to get her stuff, from the place she was living, when he was not home. He showed up while she was there. Cops were called and he then was arrested. Some things are not in dispute because there are witnesses so unless they contradict her I believe her. He took her phone to prevent her from contacting anyone. That’s all kinds of flag raising right there. He was verbally abusive, chased her, and tried to control, manage, and bargain throughout the event.

    In all fairness: being she hangs around with a work like avenetti, she probably is as rotten as he say she is.


      I would call it mental illness. At the crisis hotline we had a saying that “child abuse/neglect is the gift that keeps on giving.” Some people are simply stuck in a pattern of destructive behavior, both on the giving and receiving side, from generation to generation. I am not justifying here, but rather saying that it isn’t as simple as it appears. The trick is identifying what aberrant need is being met and then finding a more healthy alternative to meet that need.

I don’t judge her. I believe her (or at least give her the benefit of doubt).

Now don’t get me wrong, I fully believe Avenatti was abusive and the schmuck should have had his law license revoked months ago, but this woman is CLEARLY exaggerating her injuries and playing things up.

The photos that she released of her injuries are incredibly poor quality and make it extremely difficult to see the actual injuries. In the age of cellphone selfies, especially from somebody like her, this is 100% intentional.

Frankly this just feels to me like an ugly breakup and this entire shitshow is two drama queens trying to out-do the other by screaming for more sympathy from the public to enhance their failing careers.

    EEllis in reply to Olinser. | November 21, 2018 at 9:21 am

    That isn’t what happened. The pics were part of the filing for a restraining order which she requested be private. The judge rejected the request so all of this was publicized against her wishes.

Hmmmm. Wild guess here. Moonbat dates obvious conman and serial abuser/fraud/criminal in the supposition it will giver her some credibility. And discover Avenatti is a serial woman beater, fraud and conman using her.

amatuerwrangler | November 21, 2018 at 4:07 am

Interesting how we now have CPL calling for actual evidence to counter claims by someone he says is not truthful, where just a month, or so, back he was all up in the “must believe all women” and acting like asking for proof was another layer of abuse.

In addition, I found it instructive to learn that he had two, not just the standard ex-wife (called a training-wife in some circles), but two ex-wives. All too often this is an indicator that “there just might be something there…”

thalesofmiletus | November 21, 2018 at 10:08 am

She’s a Survivor(tm)! #BelieveAllWomen #MeToo #LockHimUp

DouglasJBender | November 21, 2018 at 3:02 pm

He looks like an abuser of women. That should be enough to convict him, based on Avenatti’s Kavanaugh performances.