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Georgetown Prof Calls FOX News ‘Terrorists’ in Tweet

Georgetown Prof Calls FOX News ‘Terrorists’ in Tweet

“literal blood on your hands”

This is the same professor who called for the death of Republicans during the Kavanaugh hearings.

The College Fix reports:

Controversial Georgetown professor calls Fox News ‘terrorists’ in latest tweet

A controversial professor at Georgetown University whose tweet calling for Republican senators’ deaths during the height of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings led her to be placed on a research leave this semester is staying busy on Twitter — most recently calling Fox News “terrorists.”

“When your plane lands late, you and your colleagues are met on the tarmac, and ferried to the Presidential Palace for an intimate dinner with the president. Thanks Fox News Terrorists! My colleagues want you threaten their universities so they can get paid research leave too,” tweeted Associate Professor C. Christine Fair.

When asked what she meant by “Fox News terrorists” in her Oct. 27 tweet, Fair responded to The College Fix inquiry with a lengthy blog post which accused some right-of-center news outlets of having “literal blood on your hands.”


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Another PhD who doesn’t know the meaning of the word, “literal.” Or other words like “courtesy”, “respect”, “tolerance” and that quaint old notion, “sane.”

Another left-wing psycho-ceramic.

Psycho-ceramic —-> Crackpot

Gotta wonder about the academic standards in her class. She’s such a bozo!