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Brenda Snipes: Racism “Probably” A Factor In Public Criticism

Brenda Snipes: Racism “Probably” A Factor In Public Criticism

Because of course.

As the 2018 midterm election fiasco continues to unfold in Florida, leftstream media and Democrats contend that criticism of Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes is rooted in racism. Because of course.

The Guardian reports:

A top elections official in Florida who endured national humiliation after missing a midterms recount deadline by two minutes has told the Guardian that racism is “probably” a factor in the backlash against her.

Brenda Snipes, elections supervisor of Broward county, was condemned by Republicans and Democrats after failing to submit tallies in the US Senate race between Rick Scott and Bill Nelson on schedule.

On Friday, with a hand count of votes under way, about two dozen protesters continued their vigil in a car park outside Snipes’s headquarters. Some claimed without evidence that she had missed the deadline deliberately because the results she oversaw boosted Scott’s overall lead.

In a short interview, Snipes, 75, said: “You know, the protesters have been claiming stuff all week so whatever they’re doing, that’s what they’re doing. That’s what they feel like they need to do.”

Asked if she felt it was racially motivated, the supervisor replied: “Probably. Probably.” She declined to elaborate.

The delay, however, is somewhat odd or as the Guardian puts it “mysterious.”

The Guardian continues:

Snipes had promised “100%” in a CNN interview earlier this week that Broward county, a Democratic stronghold, would complete its machine recount on time. It appeared to do so with just under 15 minutes to spare before Thursday’s 3pm deadline. The recount showed Scott, currently the Republican governor of Florida, down 606 votes from the first count and Nelson down 1,385 – a net gain for Scott of 779 votes.

But mysteriously, Snipes only sent the results to the Florida secretary of state at 3.02pm on Thursday, rendering the entire exercise a waste of time and money. The state reverted to the county’s first tallies instead. Two other counties in Florida also blew past the deadline.

On Friday Snipes offered little by way of explanation. “We had a lot of information to input and we ran two minutes over and the deadline was three o’clock,” she told the Guardian. “I don’t think anything was a glitch; it’s just a lot of information to be input.”

Snipes has a long history of election tampering, one that has raised questions about why she still holds this office.  Appointed by then-Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL), Snipes retained her position right through Governor Scott’s two terms in office, as well.

Fox News reports:

Real Clear Politics editor AB Stoddard blasted Florida Gov. Rick Scott and blamed him for the ongoing election fiasco in the Sunshine State.

Stoddard noted that embattled Broward County Board of Elections Chairwoman Dr. Brenda Snipes (D) was appointed by then-Gov. Jeb Bush (R-Fla.) after her predecessor oversaw the Bush v. Gore recount of 2000.

“She was brought in by [Jeb Bush] because the person before her was a disaster,” Stoddard said, noting that the younger brother of George W. Bush replaced a Democrat with another Democrat in the South Florida county.

“I hold [Scott] fully accountable for the state of the voting system in Florida today,” she added.

. . . . “It’s on him, and poor Ron DeSantis (R-Palm Coast) better clean it up in the next two years,” she said. DeSantis currently holds a thin but vote-wise voluminous lead over Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum (D).

Stoddard said that throughout Scott’s tenure, he had the opportunity to replace Snipes — who previously came under fire for prematurely destroying ballots during the contentious Democratic primary race in 2016 between Rep. Deborah Wasserman-Schultz and Timothy Canova.


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Funny how people keep repeating over and over again that you can just toss out an elected official (Snipes) as if it is so easy, so simple, and there are no consequences.

I don’t disagree that she deserved to be tossed for these repeated messes, but the idea it would have been cost-free is the typical conceit of Republican politics.

I agree, it is racism, on HER part. The left always sees things in terms of isms these days, and instead of humans being judged on the content of their character, they refuse to take responsibility for their own acts and actions, so they project their hate for almost everything in their miserable lives.

So, yes, it is racism of the leftist National Socialists and the programs they push and views they push which makes it so. Only they fail to see the direction of that racism.

Your criticism can’t possibly be for something within my control, so it must be something outside my control. Hmmm, the color of my skin perhaps? What a racist.

The Friendly Grizzly | November 17, 2018 at 7:08 pm

She’s pathetic.

My it must be nice to have a built in defence to explain away corruption and incompetence. So let me try it. Nope won’t work. Angry old white man here.

Dream on, Herr Bourque. If it weren’t for the race card, the lefty, national socialists would have to fold on every hand.

It is more an aversion to the dead.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Well then, I call racism in our Michigan senator election. An old white woman beat a young black man. Definitely racist.
She needs to resign and the governor needs to appoint him to her seat just to make up for the racism here in this state.

Because no black woman cam have the agency that an adult male white patriarchal Mofo has?

OK, it made sense in my mind. Seriously screw her and the hyena she rode in on. And my apologies for insulting the hyena.

I actually like hyenas. I have personal experience with them back in 2009 back in my big game hunting dayzzzz.

Unlike Snipes, who I have zero regard for.

“Documentary: Hyena Facts – National Geographic”

DouglasJBender | November 17, 2018 at 9:20 pm

She sure does look honest and upright, though. Maybe a bit too trusting and naive, however. The clear-eyed look of innocence and purity. How could anyone question her integrity?

The minute they start playing the race card I know they have no substantive argument, and I dismiss them out of hand.

The racism question comes down to one simple question: Do you seriously imagine that if you were white we would be treating you any better? If so that’s proof enough that you’re delusional.

    TX-rifraph in reply to Milhouse. | November 18, 2018 at 8:39 am

    World I be a racist if I were to lower the ethical, moral, and competency standards for her because of the color of her skin? Does she think her skin color makes her unable to meet the standards other people can meet? Is she a racist?

    Or, is she just corrupt?

Sure… it’s racism. Because it’s not like she’s incompetent, ethically challenged or has a track record of election law violations. Wait, yes it is like that.

She’s being judged not by the color of her skin, but by the content of her character (or lack thereof).

True enough. You got the job because of your race, and you are a criminal.

    Edward in reply to puhiawa. | November 18, 2018 at 9:42 am

    She got the job because Jeb Bush wished to replace a
    Socialist-Democrat Election Supervisor in a Socialist-Democrat voter rich county with another Socialist-Democrat. Both were also Black.

      Milhouse in reply to Edward. | November 18, 2018 at 11:01 am

      The voters had elected a Democrat. It would have been unethical to appoint a Republican in her place, and had he done so that person would have been defeated at the next election. Snipes is in the position now because she was reelected four times, by heavy margins.

She’s a moron on the scale of one of the obamas.

Bucky Barkingham | November 18, 2018 at 7:32 am

As a parting gift to Florida Gov Scott should remove Snipes (and PBC’s SOE Bucher) from office for incompetence, malfeasance and misfeasance. Let they cry “Racist” “Sexist” all they want. He who laughs last laughs best.

I dont understand, Snipes destroys evidence and then plays the victim. Just like Fuzzy does. So what’s the problem?

Are we pretending that we’re more principled than Snipes? Because yesterday’s purge here at Legal Innsurrection says we are no better than than the Left.

Broward County, Palm Beach County, Chicago, Baltimore, etc.,

A showcase of Dem ethics and competency that they think qualifies them to run all of our lives.

Do people actually vote for Dems? Scary thought. Scarier reality.

This cry “racism” hustle is getting old. Nobody buys it anymore…except the press.

    kenoshamarge in reply to MAJack. | November 18, 2018 at 10:02 am

    The press isn’t “buying” it so much as trying to “sell” it. Now because the race card has been so over-played it’s a much harder sell than it once was. I hear racism these days and wonder what white person is being excoriated for the color of their skin.

Why are we even entertaining the question. Brenda Snipes needs an excuse for her perfidy. Some millennial just tossed out the most obvious life ring she learned at Oberlin.

Reminds me.

Trump did it. A USN officer rode a Norwegian frigate for a NATO exercise during his term in office and from now until the end of time Trump is responsible for all Norwegian naval disasters.

I was a restricted line officer. Restricted line means I couldn’t have command at sea in the USN. I could have a shore command, but not one at sea. But apparently I’m qualified to commandant of the Norwegian fleet.

I have been known to step aboard Republic of Korea, Thai, and Japanese naval vessels. Most of whom apologize profusely if I stay for lunch, as they don’t have the special food for foreigners. As if I go to Thailand for burritos.

So, if I follow the logic, since I ate lunch aboard the ROKS Anyang in 1994 I sank ROKS Cheonan in 2010. You heard it here first.

    Milhouse in reply to Arminius. | November 18, 2018 at 11:10 am

    I don’t follow. The article doesn’t say anything negative about the officer, let alone Trump. All it says is that when there’s a collision it’s routine to question every officer on board to find out what happened, this guy was an officer on board, so he’s expected to be questioned. Maybe he saw something useful. There’s no implication that he might be responsible.

      Arminius in reply to Milhouse. | November 18, 2018 at 6:56 pm

      You’re new here, aren’t you?

      Arminius in reply to Milhouse. | November 18, 2018 at 7:07 pm

      I sank the Cheonan in 2010 even though I retired two years earlier. Because, Bulgogi aboard the Anyang in the 1990s. I’m also at fault for Benghazi. Not Hillary, but me. I’m still trying to figure out how exactly I murdered a bunch of state dept. and CIA civilians other than I was partly responsible for Operation Preying Mantis. Which was distantly related to Gulf of Sidra.

      Try to keep up.

      Why, I should be in jail!

      Arminius in reply to Milhouse. | November 18, 2018 at 7:15 pm

      I sank the Cheonan
      But I didn’t shoot no Patrol Craft, oh no! Oh!
      I sank the Cheonan
      But I didn’t shoot no PC, ooh, ooh, oo-ooh.)
      Yeah! All around in my home town,
      They’re tryin’ to track me down;
      They say they want to bring me in guilty
      For the killing of a PC,
      For the life of a PC.
      But I say…

The only known incidence of diversity (i.e. color judgment), is the claim of racism to suppress diagnosing performance and perhaps other motives.

When did “Corrupt Incompetent Moron” become a race?

“Florida official Brenda Snipes: racism ‘probably’ a factor in attacks against me

I totes did not see this coming.