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Why is U. Texas at Austin Slowly Turning Into UC Berkeley?

Why is U. Texas at Austin Slowly Turning Into UC Berkeley?

“social justice curriculum that infects every academic department”

We recently told you about Mark Pulliam, the U. Texas at Austin alum who launched a campaign to monitor the left wing insanity at the school.

He writes about the situation at Misrule of Law:

California-izing the University of Texas at Austin

I have written previously about the radical plan of University of Texas President Greg Fenves to turn UT-Austin into a burnt orange knock-off of his alma mater, UC Berkeley. I have exposed how, under Fenves’ administration, UT has assaulted campus free speech, denied due process in Title IX proceedings, removed historic statuary from the UT campus, fought to preserve racial preferences in admissions, unleashed a social justice curriculum that infects every academic department, turned the UT School of Law into a social justice academy, overseen the establishment of a bloated “diversity” bureaucracy that accomplishes little but fueling perpetual grievances, and, more than a half-century after UT was integrated, reinstituted racial separatism at UT’s flagship campus.

To protest this disastrous trend, I launched a Facebook page called Stop the Insanity at UT, which has quickly garnered over 1,000 enthusiastic followers.

The most destructive initiative the Fenves has undertaken, however, deserves greater attention than it has received: his administration recently announced a Faculty Recruitment Diversity Initiative that will make it very difficult to recruit and hire excellent academic talent, and will almost certainly lead to gender, ethnic, and racial hiring quotas at UT.

Instead of the relevant academic department simply searching for the best-qualified candidate, UT now creates artificial hurdles calculated to result in the selection of a favored minority. The buzzword is “diversity.” For example, the search committee must be “diverse,” and the search committee chair must undergo special “diversity training”: “The search committee must be made up of diverse members with different perspectives, backgrounds, and expertise with a commitment to diversity and excellence.


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With a desire for more diversity, they’ll start looking at the resumes of conservative thinkers now?

Why is U. Texas at Austin Slowly Turning Into UC Berkeley?

Your article answers the question. They effectively community organize.

They, whomever the &*ck they are, have since the 1960’s, one step at a time, taken over boards, churches, synagogues, city councils, entertainment, professional journals, media, publishing, comic books, school boards and social media conversations. They own the conversation.

Take my own town, for example. The local alternative weekly free newspaper (the kind that exists in every town in America) lists the annual list of the best places to eat and visit. I can assure you, without even knowing who is featured, that all of those businesses have correct thought.

The woman who ran the Red Hen restaurant, the one that Sara Sanders was run out of, was the head of a nonprofit that helped promote local business by giving grants, professional services, legal, accounting, etc. to applicants that the nonprofit felt deserved to win the awards. I can assure you that the qualifying fact for the winners was NOT business acumen, but rather correct thought.

Decades. They’ve been doing it for decades. The long march is almost complete.

Because the Board of Regents is OK with the destruction of UT Austin. Governor Abbott?

The Friendly Grizzly | October 18, 2018 at 8:10 am

To answer the question asked in the article title: because school administrators and regents don’t know the word “no”. Add in the offering of grievance studies majors, and you have the answer to the question.

Which came first Moscow on the Colorado, or UT hiring Communists/Socialists/Democrats (OK, all the same thing) as faculty and turning out students unable to think past the slogans?

Texas was a Democrat controlled state since the military occupation installed Republican (carpetbagger) government was installed after the War Between the States. As the Democrat party turned more Leftward (than the FDR/LBJ Democrats) in the 60s, Leftists moved to UT, which turned Austin into Moscow on the Colorado, rather than the other way ’round. Eventually Moscow on the Colorado became one of the isolated Socialist-Democrat outposts in the Texas sea of red, with Democrat politicians switching parties (I voted for my Rep Ralph Hall [D] as I split my ticket and later as an [R] when I no longer needed to vote for the Blue Dog Democrat).