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U. Texas Alum Starts Facebook Group to Document Left Wing Insanity at the School

U. Texas Alum Starts Facebook Group to Document Left Wing Insanity at the School

“If I can get those 1,000 people to make phone calls and send emails to officials, they will have to pay attention.”

This needs to happen at more schools. Alums are also donors and they have a lot of power.

The College Fix reports:

Fed up University of Texas alum starts Facebook group to ‘Stop the Insanity at UT’

A University of Texas alumnus, fed up with liberal bias at his alma mater, has harnessed the power of social media to alert fellow Longhorns about the problem and generate pushback against leftism at the school.

Attorney Mark Pulliam, a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law, recently launched a new Facebook page called “Stop the Insanity at UT,” which serves as a one-stop shop for campus news and commentary that exposes troubling trends at the Lone Star State’s flagship public university.

“Most alums do not know about the speech codes, diversity team, and professor quotas. I wanted to get it all in one place so alums who want to hear about the university going crazy with social justice can visit my page,” Pulliam told The College Fix in a telephone interview.

“My feeling is that if other alumni knew what I knew, and paid attention, they would be as bothered as I am,” he said. “… Identity politics and the truth are going in opposite directions. I am doing my part to fix it. I love UT, and it makes me sick what’s going on at my university.”

The Facebook page’s “about” section declares: “This page is devoted to exposing the radical agenda of UT President Greg Fenves, who is trying to turn UT into the replica of his alma mater, UC Berkeley.”

It was launched earlier this month by Pulliam, who also writes for various center-right and legal-minded publications. So far the page has garnered 143 followers. Pulliam said he believes this growth will continue as people learn of its existence.

“I hope to get over 1,000 people,” he said. “If I can get those 1,000 people to make phone calls and send emails to officials, they will have to pay attention.”


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page banned by FB in 4..3..2..1..

Good idea, bad platform.

An pertinent excerpt from the book “Communiques From The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” (2016)és-Right-Wing-Conspiracy-Thomas-Wigand/dp/0692635815/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1538048675&sr=8-1&keywords=communiques+from+the+vast :

For these reasons, in the cultural sphere, the cultural ecosystem, we need to engage people by confronting the Satanically-inspired forces of Cultural Marxism and it agents of Collectivism-Progressivism – and shining the light upon its ugly face, for all to see.

Parents must start “home schooling” their children (or perhaps groups of parents can start a variation of “church groups” for children – “cultural groups”), if not for their entire education, at least to provide an antidote to the poison being dispensed in the public schools. Parent groups must start monitoring the content of the curricula being dispensed to their children, and raising a stink with school committees and state departments of education (recognize that this system is designed so that between the Feds, the states and the localities no one entity can be held accountable – ultimately we must pursue vouchers and bypass the government system that won’t change internally, but only externally driven compulsion, i.e., competition). Otherwise your children will be indoctrinated via, amongst other things, the Common Core curriculum (which might be better called the “Collectivist Corral” curriculum).

For those of you who have graduated college, and it was (or has since become) controlled by a Leftist professoriate and accommodating administrators, don’t contribute funds as an alumnus (instead send a check to a Conservative, or at least balanced, university … but do send a copy of the check to your alma mater with a note why you’ve decided to donate your contributions elsewhere). After all, if you contribute to a Leftist-dominated alma mater, you’re subsidizing the problem.

We must stop self-censoring out of fear of political correctness and blowback – we must openly express (and so reintroduce) concepts like “welfare bums” and “bastards” and the shame of illegitimacy – not to stigmatize the innocent children, but to begin sending the message to young women that they are harming themselves, their children and society – and that society is no longer going to look the other way in order to make an offering of “non-judgmentalism” on the altar of political correctness.