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Trump Supporter Prays for Protesters as They Harass Her

Trump Supporter Prays for Protesters as They Harass Her

When they go low, we go high.

The left will never learn that their tactics don’t work and this video proves why. Twitter account The Columbia Bugle tweeted a video of a woman praying for the protesters as they harass her nonstop.

What did First Lady Michelle Obama say? When they go low we go high? Apparently the left doesn’t listen, but this is what the right has always done.


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That poor woman. Look at how closely they stand while surrounding her, and that awful woman banging her stupid drum in the Trump supporter’s face. Tell me that is not intimidation. They are very close to knocking her over and stomping here. NEVER, EVER VOTE FOR THESE ANIMALS. MAGA

Ever since God created four-footed critters, senseless dogs have barked at the moon.

Net effect on the moon?

Zero, zilch, nada, zip, nuttin.

Keep praying for these folks.

Envision them 40 years down the line, being shown videos of the “heights” of their articulate political interactions, carefully designed to intelligently persuade folks of the rational rightness of their well-thought-out worldviews.

Are you smiling yet?

Did ya ever think….????

In their own (what-passes-for-)minds, these folks ARE indeed going as high as they can possibly aim?

When you start out from a well-formed posture of decades of self-absorbed navel-gazing, “high” might actually only be a few inches beyond the tips of their feet…at best.