This is all some people in academia cares about. It’s more important than serious scholarship.

Campus Reform reports:

Scholars: Kavanaugh ‘could undermine diversity on college campuses’

A law professor and scholar at the University of Texas (UT) at Austin co-wrote an article on Tuesday insisting that then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh – now Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh – should not be confirmed due to his opposition to affirmative action.

UT law lecturer Shavonne Henderson and UT Juris Doctorate postgraduate fellow Martin Kamp penned the op-ed, titled “Kavanaugh Could Undermine Diversity on College Campuses” and published the piece on the University of Texas at Austin’s official news site.

“The Supreme Court’s longstanding position has been that colleges and universities have a compelling interest in diversity and may consider race among many factors when assessing qualified students for admission,” the professor and postgraduate fellow write. “But if Brett Kavanaugh is appointed, that position could change and would probably signal a return to pre-Civil Rights era race-neutral admissions policies.”

The Senate confirmed Kavanaugh in a Saturday afternoon vote. He was sworn in as a Supreme Court justice that night.

“This is not what America needs,” Henderson and Kamp assert in the op-ed, published Tuesday. “Race-conscious admissions policies remain vital for ensuring diverse student bodies that reflect our ever-changing society. If Kavanaugh can’t support this longstanding position, he should not be confirmed.”

The scholars cite Kavanaugh’s praise of late Chief Justice William Rehnquist and the late “anti-affirmative-action jurist” Antonin Scalia as evidence that he should not be confirmed. But the article does not make clear how aligning with past Supreme Court justices on the issue of affirmative action disqualifies a potential Supreme Court justice.


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