FOX News host Sean Hannity traveled to Florida this week for an interview with talk radio king Rush Limbaugh at his studio. They discussed a variety of topics but the 2018 midterm elections were the focus. Rush is optimistic about the GOP’s chances.

From the FOX News Insider:

Limbaugh to Hannity: I Don’t Trust Polls, GOP Will Hold House, Increase Senate Majority

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh told Sean Hannity that he does not trust mainstream polls and believes the Republicans will be victorious in the midterm elections.

In an interview set to air Thursday night on Fox News Channel, Limbaugh predicted the GOP will keep control of the House and increase its Senate majority.

“That’s justice. The Democrat Party deserves to lose in the single biggest landslide defeat in my lifetime just for the actions they’ve taken in the last month,” he said, referring to the allegations leveled against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Watch the clip below:

Rush says that some people on the left have been gripped by a form of mental illness which has essentially been politicized by the Democrats. He says what you may have heard lots of people saying lately, which is that we don’t want people winning elections based on mobs and violence. That segment makes up the first four minutes of this video:

In that clip, Rush mentions a piece by Jim Geraghty of National Review. Here’s an excerpt:

The more time I spend covering politics, the more I’m convinced that a significant chunk of grassroots political activists aren’t really arguing about politics at all. These folks are actually grappling with personal psychological issues and projecting it onto the world of politics. Every problem they had with a parent is projected onto authority figures. Every religious person who ever scolded them or made them feel guilty becomes the embodiment of organized religion and demonstrates its menace.

Rush also suggested that many people in the media are part of the effort to get Democrats elected and that they hate Trump because he has taken away power they used to have to shape the narrative and set the agenda.

This clip is cued to start at the 4:16 mark, just press play:

There’s a reason why Rush has been at the top of talk radio all these years. His analysis is so spot on. Let’s hope his predictions about November are as well.

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