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REPORT: Gillum Used Official Office Account to Pay for Fundraising Trip

REPORT: Gillum Used Official Office Account to Pay for Fundraising Trip

Democrat Florida Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum’s money troubles are piling up.

A new report from Politico claims Gillum used an official Tallahassee Mayoral office account to pay for a private flight to visit with potential donors to his Gubernatorial campaign.

From Politico:

Gillum paid for the Feb. 12, 2016, round-trip flight from Tallahassee to St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport with an official mayor’s office expense account, the Tallahassee Democrat reported last year. The newspaper quoted Gillum’s mayoral office spokesman Jamie Van Pelt saying Gillum took the trip on official city business of talking with Tampa affordable-housing developer Peter Leach about wraparound social services in schools and housing developments. Gillum also found time to meet with high-profile Democrats like Alex Sink and now-Rep. Charlie Crist (D-Fla.), Van Pelt had said.

However, the newly released records provided by the lawyer of former Gillum ally Adam Corey under a subpoena issued as part of an investigation by the Florida Commission on Ethics indicate the flight was expressly for Gillum to meet with potential donors to his gubernatorial campaign. Gillum’s 2014 mayoral campaign finance reports show he had moved $10,000 to his official mayoral office account about the time he won the local office in 2014. State law restricts use of the account to only official city business.

As Ed Morrissey points out, Gillum’s problems may grow much larger than a potential electoral loss if the FBI decides to pursue this and other allegations.

The FBI has remained silent on whether Gillum is a target in their probe, but the state can prosecute anyone violating its own laws separately. Violating this law is a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in prison, although a penal sentence would not be a likely outcome; the political damage would be more significant. It might be tough for the Florida Attorney General to ignore at this point, too, given the high profile Gillum has carved out for himself by running for governor.

This is not the first time Gillum’s financial decisions have drawn scrutiny. Recently, documents made public proved that contrary to his claims, Gillum had not paid for a trip to New York City to see the Broadway musical Hamilton. An undercover FBI agent footed the bill for the trip and the tickets.

Last week, reports accused Gillum of accepting a $4,000 donation to the PAC that became his campaign war chest and failed to report the donation.

Documents here:

Documents Showing How Gillum Paid for Fundraising Trip by Legal Insurrection on Scribd


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I can’t believe that this putz might be the next governor of Florida. Ay yi yi.

Look, everybody’s picking on me because I’m a strong black man!
Come on, vote for me and stop the racism!

I don’t think it has soaked in yet but the left doe not care how stupid, corrupt or evil their candidate is as long as he/she has a “D” after their name. All you have to do is look at NJ, AZ, FL, GA, NYC to see how corrupt their candidates are. Remember when Roy Moore was the Repub nominee in AL and the R’s elected a D? Well, the Dems will never do that! NEVER! They are so corrupt they would reelect bill clinton no matter that he raped a woman. They would have elected hillary if we had not had enough of their corrupt ways.

Ummm…. I wonder if Obama has a brother? His attitude seems to reflect that of Obama.

Both GA and FL are tempting fate beyond measure should their voters placed either one of the Obama acolytes into positions of power. What’s really scary – that these races are close!

60 years of liberals in charge of indoctrinating students.

    inspectorudy in reply to fscarn. | November 1, 2018 at 12:41 am

    I grew up in FL and now live in GA and I simply cannot believe that both of these races are close! The Demorat candidates are absolutely nuts! They are promising things that will never happen and no amount of money could pay for them. But due to the anti-Trump movement, the left simply does not care who is running or what they stand for on the Demorat side.

Like most democrats in public life, this guy is completely corrupt, and feels entitled to steal from the public. (We’re peons, after all.)

How anyone can vote for this incompetent, corrupt freak – let alone Jimmy Buffett – is incredible.

Crooked as the day is long.

WallyWorldorBust | October 31, 2018 at 8:57 pm

What does this guy have to do before the law holds him accountable? Is the fear of the word “Racist” preventing legal action? It seems to be the card he plays most often. What are they putting in the water down there? This is one of the new faces of the Democrat Party? That says a lot about their character as a whole.

Ohio Historian | October 31, 2018 at 9:07 pm

Oh, those silly election laws. Didn’t you know that they were written to catch Republican white guys only? Remember that the FEC went after 00bama and got about $1/2 million fine from his campaign(one of the largest in FEC history), but levied about 4 years after the fact. Maxine Waters hasn’t lived in HER district in 10 years. Why shouldn’t Gillum get by with charging his Gubernatorial expenses to the citizens of Tallahassee? That is Democrat and black politicians “business as usual”.

You question my racism? Look up William Jefferson and Al Sharpton and their fraud shenanigans.

And, tonight there is this:

Gillum Makes Promises He Can’t Keep, “that’s not for [voters] to know” Says Campaign Staff in Undercover Video

Like this matters at all. The dems will protect him if he wins and the cuck Republicans will let it lay if he loses. Remember half of the Republicans are part of the bifactional ruling party. The people she ring their hands about abortion yet vote to fund it. Rail against the irs but let Lerner slide. Who scream against illegals, pound the table over Obamacare, and wring their hands over men in the little girls room but do nothing about anything. The only thing they conserve is liberal gains. They are too principled to win. The Washington General’s doesn’t play to win.

DINORightMarie | November 1, 2018 at 12:22 am

His “money troubles”?! That is what happens when a candidate is running out of donations, out of campaign funds.

This is corruption, graft, pure theft from those he is supposed to be serving.

Tax evasion, taking gifts and not reporting them, lying publicly about all this (and more, according to the Project Veritas video released tonight) – that is a LOT more than “money troubles”!! These are serious charges, perhaps felonies. Don’t try to gloss over it. Call it out for what it is.

Obama set the example. This guy is using his play book. I sure hope Floridians will not put this man in the governor’s seat. He will destroy the state!

Is Floriduh stupid enough to elect this criminal racist?

Hopefully this info and the latest Project Veritas video will sink him (staffers expose the truth).

Where exactly are all these Democrat voters coming from? If they arent turning out for campaign rally’s will they turn out to vote on Tuesday?

I pray we are seeing the same thing we saw in 2016, where Trump was getting tens of thousands of people to his rallies while Hillarity was getting exactly no one to hers! Cause we are seeing exactly no one turning up to even Obama’s rally’s!!