This is apparently going to be a new thing on campus. Left wing students won’t allow anything pro-Kavanaugh.

Campus Reform reports:

Kavanaugh flyers torn down, students threatened with violence

Students from the Young Americans for Freedom organization (UC YAF) posted fliers around the University of Cincinnati campus in support of then-Supreme Court justice nominee Kavanaugh on Thursday. But shortly after the posters were put up, other students at the University of Cincinnati began ripping the fliers down and posting about it on Twitter.

The University of Cincinnati student government public relations director posted a video of the flyers being torn down with the caption, “Not on my campus. #MeToo.” The fliers included phrases like “Kava-Not Guilty” and “#ConfirmKavanaugh.” They then posted a group photo on Twitter.

The post caught the attention of the national Young America’s Foundation, which quoted the tweet and commented, “And the tolerant Left strikes again!” Other students and Twitter users began posting pictures of the UC YAF members putting up the fliers with the expletive and threatening comments. One exchange included “[I]’m willing to fist fight those girls in that pic,” to which a male student replied, “Nah you take the guys I’ll take the girls.”