While Palestinians in Gaza cry poverty, Hamas devotes enormous resources to building complex and sophisticated attack tunnels.

International assistance including Cement, steel, wood and other materials that could be used to build and repair homes, are diverted to military purposes. Each such tunnel uses approximately $3 million in resources.

This all demonstrates a point I have made before, how One People built tunnels, the other a nation:

Just think what could have been.

Israel left Gaza in 2005. The vast international aid that flowed to Gaza could have been used to build the foundation of a nation.

Instead it was put to building tunnels and rocket infrastructure.

Rather than forging economic ties with the world, it forged military ties with Iran and Hezbollah to achieve the goal of the Hamas charter — the destruction of Israel.

Meanwhile, Israel continued to build a nation, becoming one of the high tech capitals of the world.

That could have been Gaza, where the people obviously have tremendous skills and ingenuity. But it was a choice that was not made.

Israel has destroyed over 15 such tunnels in the past two years. We have covered several of these operations:

Another attack tunnel, which reached 200 meters into Israel, was just destroyed. The Times of Israel reports:

The tunnel originated in the area of Khan Younis in southern Gaza and was “part of and connected to a military tunnel network,” according to IDF spokesperson Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus.

The military said this was the 15th tunnel destroyed by Israel since October 2017….

Conricus would not elaborate on the techniques Hamas employed in the construction of the tunnel to try to avoid detection by the IDF.

“This specific tunnel, in the way it was built, indicates that Hamas is trying to challenge our counter-tunnel efforts. They are changing the way they excavate in order to make it more difficult for us to detect them,” Conricus said.

“But we have different technological developments that allow us to bridge that gap as well,” he said….

The spokesperson said the tunnel was a “complex” one with “multiple branches.”

“This tunnel had electricity, as well as communication hardware, and seemed to be of high quality,” he said.

This graphic shows the location in the southern Gaza strip:


This video shows the destruction of the tunnel:

An officer in COGAT, the Israeli agency that transfers goods to Gaza, filmed this message:

A spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted additional photos of the tunnel:





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