Judge Brett Kavanaugh was supposed to teach a course at Harvard Law School this winter, as he has since 2008, but that’s no longer happening. Students, fueled with rage supplied by Democrats and the media, have successfully used Title IX complaints to keep Kavanaugh off campus.

Shera S. Avi-Yonah and Jamie D. Halper write at the Harvard Crimson:

Students Filed Title IX Complaints Against Kavanaugh to Prevent Him From Teaching at Harvard Law

In the days before Harvard Law School announced embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh will not teach in Cambridge this January, undergraduates eager to block his return to campus struck on a new strategy: file Title IX complaints against the conservative judge.

Over the past week, several students filed formal complaints alleging Kavanaugh’s presence in Cambridge would violate Harvard’s policy prohibiting sexual and gender-based harassment — though several Title IX experts said this strategy was unlikely to succeed.

Jacqueline L. Kellogg ’19 — who said she has filed a complaint against Kavanaugh with the University’s Office for Dispute Resolution — came up with the idea several days ago. She began urging fellow students to follow suit over the weekend, at one point sending an email to a group of students at the College and the Law School that offered specific instructions on how to bring a formal complaint to ODR.

By the time The Crimson reported late Monday that Kavanaugh had left his teaching position at the Law School, at least 48 students had signed an online petition certifying they had filed a Title IX complaint against the nominee. But at least one signatory said that not all of those who signed the petition had actually filed complaints as of Monday evening.

This is a perversion of what Title IX is for, but none of that matters to this student mob, which just wants what it wants. Another article at the Crimson by Aidan F. Ryan, has more details:

Some of the letters sent to Manning over the weekend stated that Law School students — especially those who have suffered sexual assault or harassment — would be made uncomfortable by Kavanaugh’s presence on campus. Close to 300 first-year students signed the six letters.

“Allowing a person credibly accused of sexual assault to teach students prior to a full investigation surely creates a hostile environment for many students, and especially survivors,” students wrote in one letter.

That’s an ironic charge, considering the fact that the left has turned the entire country into a hostile environment in recent weeks.

Here are a few choice reactions from Twitter:

Some of these students will eventually be lawyers, judges and professors. Do they think they will be immune from mob justice?

Thirty days ago, Kavanaugh was a respected DC Circuit Court Judge. Now the left has made it impossible for him to go back to his old life if he’s not confirmed to the Supreme Court. They have destroyed a man’s life over politics.


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