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GoFundMe Account Raising Money for Kavanaugh Accuser Ford Still Active

GoFundMe Account Raising Money for Kavanaugh Accuser Ford Still Active


The circus surrounding Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused him of sexual assault over 30 years ago, ended weeks ago.

However, a GoFundMe account to raise money for Ford is still active and people are still donating money.

I want to know why. The account has raised $627,301 and received its last donation nine hours ago.

The people who set up the account wrote that they will not withdraw any of these funds as Ford’s “family has been named the sole beneficiary and her husband will take the funds directly from GoFundMe.”

The GoFundMe account for Kavanaugh is no longer accepting donations.

A message from Ford posted on October 3 stated that the money from the GoFundMe account will help her with “security, housing, transportation and other related expenses.”

Does she still need that money? Fuzzy wrote on Saturday that Ford doesn’t want Kavanaugh impeached or an investigation into her claims against him. Instead, Ford wants to move on.

From CNN:

Ford’s attorney Debra Katz tells CNN’s Dana Bash in an interview that Ford only wanted to tell her story to Senate Judiciary Committee members. She doesn’t want the process to drag on into the next Congress should Democrats end up winning control on Capitol Hill.

“Professor Ford has not asked for anything of the sort. What she did was to come forward and testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee and agree to cooperate with any investigation by the FBI and that’s what she sought to do here,” Katz said.

A GoFundMe account from September 18 raised security funds for Ford, but has closed and no longer accepts donations.

I sent a message to the organizers and asked why the page remains active and taking donations. I hope to hear from them soon and will update if I do.


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Why does it matter? It isn’t like the donors don’t know that the matter is over. If they still want to give Ford money, it’s their business.

She delivered. Now she gets paid.

    Edward in reply to Same Same. | October 17, 2018 at 12:03 pm

    Spot on.

    Arminius in reply to Same Same. | October 17, 2018 at 6:00 pm

    Of course, it was part of the pre-arranged deal.

    “Professor Ford has not asked for anything of the sort…”

    Of course, Attorney Katz. She didn’t ask. She didn’t need to, it was part of the original offer.

    The FBI and other police agencies catch a lot of people falsely accusing others of crime. Men tend to falsely accuse others of assault or attempted murder. Women tend to accuse others of sexual assault/rape. And they do it out of a variety of motives. Leaving aside mental illness/depression, these include attention/sympathy, a need for an alibi, revenge, but one biggy is financial gain.

    Tell Mrs. Magoo the money is taxable income.

      Or tell her it’s tax free then nail her for tax fraud, and tell her that goes away if she confesses her true crime of lying about the Kavanaugh assault she pulled. 😀

Don’t feel bad, a lot of Fords require a high $$ maintenance budget… 🙂

Of course she wants to move on, as quietly as possible. There’s evidence that she committed perjury. Better to lie low, and then raise innuendo again, later.

After the midterms, if the Senate remains in Republican hands, I look forward to watching an investigation into the behavior of the Democratic Senators and Ford’s lawyers in this matter.

I want to know whether US Senators were involved in the “demonstrations” in and around the Senate offices and in the room. I want to know whether Diane Feinstein’s staff violated Senate ethical constraints by recommending lawyers to Ford. I want to know who leaked on this matter, and when. I want to know if Ford’s lawyers failed to keep their client informed on significant developments in this matter.

Then, the question becomes, what is the Senate going to do to prevent similar occurrences in the future? The last time we had a circus like this, after the Clarence Thomas confirmation, rules were enacted to handle confidential matters in a more confidential manner. Do we need new rules, do we need enhanced enforcement, or do we merely need to apply the existing rules and deliver on enforcement?

If I get my wish, the whole thing will drag out over a couple of years, and the Usual Suspects will be hopping up and down, demanding arrests, frog-marching, jail etc., before the first hearing is held. Those demands should be ignored. Do it with due process, careful deliberation, and calm demeanor. Get it right.

As the old saying goes… a penny wasted is a penny wasted.

Why not? Jill Stein raked in millions of dollars for a recount that never happened.

How does that saying go about fools and their money go?

I read on the internet (so it has to be true) that there are actually two accounts with a combined total over $1.2M.

An article in the Oberlin College “Review” recently made the statement that: “No one makes a sexual assault allegation for their own benefit.” I saw that as an opportunity to point out both the Connecticut undergrad who made false rape accusations in order to get a boyfriend, and, the case of Ms. Ford who is possibly (probably?) vacationing at a nice resort off the GoFundMe proceeds (though we have been assured she is currently not at home as the result security concerns (yeah, right, sure).

Gratuitous income? Well, I suppose they could call Lois Lerner out of retirement, and let her work her IRS harassment magic.

Short of that, file it under “P.T. Barnum Effect” and forget about it.

    Edward in reply to tom_swift. | October 17, 2018 at 12:08 pm

    Within the limits of the IRS statute and regs regarding limits to tax free gifts, this is all tax free “gift” income to Ford. Without going to tax tables and hitting the calculator, it is roughly worth a million in taxable income already (just this account).

Bucky Barkingham | October 17, 2018 at 12:08 pm

Contributing money to Ford and Beto is like flushing it away. The good thing is the money is no longer available for viable Lefty candidates.

It’s kind of like a participation trophy now, isn’t it?

Why? Because Democrats are easy to fleece and never expect a ROI.

It’s still open because Blasey-Ford hasn’t asked for the money yet. She’s in consultations with her tax lawyers about which Cayman account it needs to go into to maximize her benefits.

buckeyeminuteman | October 17, 2018 at 1:35 pm

That women was all over the news for weeks in and out of Congress. Why can’t she clean off her dang glasses???

It’s her payoff. That plus the multi million dollar payoff she’ll get for somebody else to write a book with her name on it.

    2nd Ammendment Mother in reply to Olinser. | October 17, 2018 at 3:00 pm

    I’ve been thinking that there needs to be a bit more investigation into those “Go Fund Me”s and Book deals….. both have sounded like money laundering for quite some time.

    Remember Obama’s first campaign that had thousands of “small donations” made by Mickey Mouse and Mickey Mantle using pre-paid credit cards?

Q.Why is her GoFundMe account still active?

A. In the event she gets arrested for perjury, she will have funds for an attorney.

Re gift tax: the donor is responsible.

But: the donee (Mrs. Magoo) is responsible if the donor(s) dont pay any tax due.

Clarification: the money is taxable to the donor.

BUT: if the donor does not pay the tax liability on the donation (if any), the donee (Mrs. Magoo) is liable for the tax.

So, if thousands of individual donations come in, Mrs. Magoo might be in trouble.

    But as long as the gift does not exceed $15,000 there is no need to even file a gift tax return. Have individuals been giving her more than $15,000? If they are all small gifts, there should be no problem for donor or donee. And if the gift is more than $15,000 there is most likely no tax due now. The donor would just be using up part of their lifetime exclusion for gifts.

Just when we thought the circus had left town. This whole charade was crafted by operatives from the Democratic Party that blew up in their face. Ford really needs the money for first class airfare to exotic locations. But wait, Did she say she didn’t she state she didn’t like to fly. One lie after another. Game over!

Now it is hush money.

I’m okay with this. The rank and file buying into this craziness are not uber-rich; let them waste their money making her (and she’s already well-off by most standards) rich. The more they toss at her, the less they will have to support Dems in midterms. Where’s the downside?