This is a shocking allegation. How could something like this operate on a college campus?

The Washington Examiner reports:

Professors under investigation for sex-fueled campus drug ring

Four professors from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York have been placed on paid leave as they are investigated on allegations of dealing drugs and sexual misconduct.

“Veteran professors at the Manhattan school renowned for training future crime-fighters ran a lawless den of depravity called ‘the swamp,’ where they allegedly used and sold drugs, and ‘pimped’ out and sexually preyed on students, according to two women at the center of a widening scandal,” reports the New York Post.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office is investigating longtime professors Anthony Marcus, Ric Curtis, Barry Spunt, and Leonardo Dominguez.

Two accusers have gone public, describing in detail how the CUNY professors targeted “vulnerable undergraduates” and seduced them into their “pot-smoking circle of acolytes” which expected sexual favors in return.

Naomi Haber, 24, claimed that she was raped by former anthropology department chair Anthony Marcus during an academic conference in 2015.

“He put his hands around my throat, choked me with both hands and forced himself inside me without warning,” Haber told the Post. “The only thing I could do was to go numb and detach myself from my body.”