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Exorcist battles witches cursing Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Exorcist battles witches cursing Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Please join the event, National Rosary to Support Justice Brett Kavanaugh, all prayers welcome!

The news that a group of feminist witches are planning to curse newly confirmed U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh are inspiring Catholics across the nation to spiritually support their fellow Catholic.

During the vicious confirmation process (trial?), I added Kavanaugh and his family to my daily prayers. Today I sent out a Hallmark card saying “Congratulations” to the justice, mailing it to his Supreme Court office.

Other Catholics are taking more spiritual measures to assist Kavanaugh.

A Catholic exorcist said he plans to hold a mass for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh next weekend after a group of witches announced their plans to gather in Brooklyn to publicly hex him.

“Conjuring up personified evil does not fall under free speech,” Father Gary Thomas, who serves as an exorcist for the Diocese of San Jose, Calif., told The National Catholic Register.

The San Jose exorcist asserts that those practicing such dark magic are evil.

Father Thomas said that those involved in the curse on Kavanaugh clearly believe in the power of personified evil. “They are going to direct the evil to have a permanently adverse effect on the Supreme Court justice,” he said.

“When curses are directed at people in a state of grace, they have little or no effect,” Father Thomas said. Otherwise, he has witnessed harm come upon people such as physical illness, psychosis, depression and having demons attach to them. Curses sometimes involve a blood sacrifice either through an animal or a human being, such as an aborted baby, according to him. However, there is no information about a blood sacrifice one way or the other for the Saturday event.

“The decision to do this against a Supreme Court justice is a heinous act and says a lot about the character of these people that should not be underestimated or dismissed,” he said. “These are real evil people.”

Father Thomas is perhaps the best known Exorcist today.

Thomas was ordained for the Diocese of San Jose in 1983 and his work as an Exorcist is so widely known that he was the subject of a 2011 film called The Rite. The film is loosely based on the Matt Baglio’s book The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist.

The book chronicled Thomas’ training in the rite of exorcism, as well as, other accounts of exorcists at work. In the novel, the author also recounted Thomas’ own experience confronting the Devil and the history of exorcism in the Catholic Church.

Catholics are also responding to the witches’ Facebook events page to indicate their support of Kavanaugh.

Back when I was a Tea Party organizer, I read Saul Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals.  I am going to apply RULE 6: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”

I have created my own Facebook event, National Rosary to Support Justice Brett Kavanaugh. If you are Catholic, please pray the Rosary, and say the Prayer to St. Michael, with me between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. this Saturday. I will enjoy saying these prayers very much, knowing that I am countering the work of bitter feminists while supporting a fellow Catholic.

If you are not a Catholic, please add your prayers, thoughts, and vibes during these hours! I suspect that Justice Kavanaugh will have a lot of spiritual warriors on his side tomorrow.


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Humphrey's Executor | October 20, 2018 at 2:10 pm

OK, prayer is good, but I say hose the witches down with holy water.

Brett has little to fear from fake witches fake spells, and with his new job, I’m sure he can afford security. But if he really wants a hedge of protection by GOD, he has but to ask.

Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse will not land on its intended victim. Proverbs 26:2 NLT

Now, if I had my way, curses would boomerang and pimp-slap the persons who spoke them in the first place. I reckon they do, in God’s time – but there are times I wish for a more timely comeuppance for foul mouths.

    Milhouse in reply to MrE. | October 20, 2018 at 11:19 pm

    Actually that is what the verse you cite actually says. The translation you cite follows the written text, which has לא תבוא, “it will not come”, but the received pronunciation is that it is to be read as לו תבוא, “it will come to him”.

I’m in!

In case you’re interested. The Funding page to help Mark Judge who lost his home and job as a result of this whole circus is over $95 thousand. They were only aiming for $75K but the response was so good that the goal now is $100K — all this since yesterday! It was at $48K when I found it.

If you’re interested, here’s the link.

Mark Judge should sue, plain and simple

I have been praying for him and his family since the whole circus began. I don’t “Facebook” but will gladly add my prayers at the appointed time.

When they were burning witches way back when, maybe they realized something we didn’t.

between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. this Saturday. Pacific Daylight time.

How ironic that witches would be unhappy with the outcome of a 21st Century witch trial. Mass hysteria, spectral evidence (repressed memories), important people using the opportunity to take out their rivals, defense of the accusation is proof of guilt and defense of the accused is proof of complicit guilt. Amazing how similar they were.

God please bless Brett Kavanaugh and his family and help them to forgive their enemies.

“Burn her anyway”

“Witches.” Imagine?

These idiots are probably also atheists. How they arrive at that conclusion in light of their belief in their ability to believe to a higher power, is hilarious.

I have said an “Amen!” a “Shama Lama Ding Dong” and a “abracadabra”, he should be covered.

“Conjuring up personified evil does not fall under free speech,” Father Gary Thomas,

Um, yes, it does. So does your counterspell.

Thank you Leslie for doing this. I’m sure many people joined in and prayed for Kavanaugh.

Ephesians 6:12
12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.