When then-candidate Donald Trump pointed out that Democrat policies have harmed black Americans and asked them what they have to lose by voting for him, the leftstream media went into full meltdown mode.  The last thing the left wanted then, or want now, is a big shining spotlight on the damage that Democrat policies have inflicted on black Americans for more than half a century.

It was a telling moment when then-chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO), admitted in 2011 that if Obama weren’t in the White House, the CBC “probably would be marching on the White House” in protest of the historically-high black unemployment rate at that time.  Unwilling to criticize America’s first black president or to provide ammunition for the then-vibrant Tea Party, Cleaver and his caucus chose to ignore the incredible damage America’s first black president was inflicting on America’s black communities.

Not so for outspoken Trump supporter Kanye West.  In conjunction with a project led by staunch conservative Candace Owens, West has started a line of apparel, including hats and tees, that promotes “BLEXIT,” the black voter exodus from the Democrat party.


According to their website, Blexit is “a frequency for those who have released themselves from the political orthodoxy. It is a rebellion led by Americans wishing to disrupt the simulation of fear.  BLEXIT is a renaissance. It is our formal declaration of independence.”  The site contains materials with which those of us on the right are well-familiar, but that may be less known to Democrat voters (of any race), including the blatant racism of such vaunted progressive heroes as Woodrow Wilson, LBJ, and Margaret Sanger.

The #BLEXIT campaign is quickly going viral.

Powerline reports:

I have returned from Turning Point USA’s Young Black Leadership Summit, the first part of which I wrote about here, including our visit to the White House. A highlight of the second half of the event was the announcement of “Blexit,” a new project spearheaded by Candace Owens.

. . . . Candace and the rest of the crew are planning to criss-cross the United States, holding Blexit rallies in all major cities.

This is, of course, the Left’s nightmare: African-Americans declaring independence from liberalism, the welfare state and the Democratic Party. And the current generation of fiery, smart young black leaders can, I think, make it happen in sufficient numbers to be a political earthquake.

The announcement of Blexit took place in an auditorium where everyone present got a free Blexit t-shirt. It is the only article of clothing I own, or am ever likely to own, that was designed by Kanye West . . . .

Fox News has more about Turning Point USA’s Young Black Leadership Summit and Owens’ enthusiastic launch of #BLEXIT:

Kanye West is throwing a literal hat into the political arena once again, this time designing a line of T-shirts and hats for a campaign dedicated to urging black voters in the U.S. to break away from the Democratic party.

The rapper and fashion mogul designed a series of clothing merchandise supporting “Blexit,” which seeks to not only convince black voters to change parties but shows the stories of those that have already. The designs debuted Saturday at the Turning Point USA’s Young Black Leadership Summit, a meeting meant to bring together conservatives in the black community.

Although West did not appear at the event directly, its Communications Director Candace Owens sung his praises at the event in spirit.

“Blexit is a renaissance and I am blessed to say that this logo, these colors, were created by my dear friend and fellow superhero Kanye West,” Owens, who west previously endorsed on Twitter, said (via Page Six). “[West] has taken one of the boldest steps in America to open a conversation we have needed to have.”

The leftstream media has been relatively successful in branding the #WalkAway movement as a Russian campaign, but it’s hard to imagine how they can do the same with #BLEXIT since neither West nor Owens are unknown quantities they can easily sweep away as Russian bots.

The #BLEXIT movement is certainly gaining steam on Twitter.



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