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Trump on Kavanaugh Allegations: Democrats are ‘Con Artists’ Who ‘Know It’s a Big, Fat Con Job’

Trump on Kavanaugh Allegations: Democrats are ‘Con Artists’ Who ‘Know It’s a Big, Fat Con Job’

“there was nothing to investigate”

President Donald Trump held a live press conference from New York today and took some questions on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. From Fox News:

In response to a question from Fox News’ John Roberts about why the White House did not ask the FBI to investigate allegations made against Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford, the president responded that “there was nothing to investigate.”

“They didn’t know the location, they didn’t know the time, they didn’t know the year. They didn’t know anything,” Trump said.

The president added that even if an investigation found nothing to corroborate Ford’s claims, “it’s not going to change any of the Democrats’ minds.”

“They’re obstructionists,” Trump went on. “They’re actually con artists because they know how quality this man is, and they’ve destroyed a man’s reputation and they want to destroy it even more … And they know it’s a big, fat con job. And they go into a room and I guarantee you, they laugh like hell at what they’ve pulled off on [the media] and on the public.”

Trump added that the Democrats’ bitter fight against Kavanaugh would backfire on them in the forthcoming midterm elections and predicted that “three, four or five Democrats” would support the judge’s confirmation “because they’re in states that I won by 30 and 40 points and they’re going to give us votes.”

Another reporter asked Trump about the allegations. He also refused to take the bait and call the women liars.

However, if the testimony is compelling tomorrow during the hearing, he may withdraw Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Trump went out with a bang when another reporter, stating that we’re in a dangerous time right now when someone is guilty until proven innocent.


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Born, bred, and forged in the fires of New York City, Trump knows the inner workings of the Democratic machine.

And they go into a room and I guarantee you, they laugh like hell at what they’ve pulled off on [the media] and on the public.

A minor quibble, Mr. President, but you know the media is also in the room, making plans and sharing a laugh right along with the Dimocrat con artists.

Thank God we elected a fighter.

I for one am stunned that Avenatti left out bestiality. (sarc)

Christine Blasey-Ford flew to get her polygraph.

BREAKING: “Dr.” Ford delayed the hearing b/c she was “afraid of flying” yet she FLEW 3,000 MILES to MARYLAND to take the POLYGRAPH in AUGUST!!!
Yep – polygraph taken at the hotel at the airport.

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41.1 miles from the polygraph guy’s office to the testing site.

Sure as heck the polygraph guy was not flying to meet Blasey Ford. Train or car – sure. No one takes a plane for a 41 mile trip.

What sort of a deal do you suppose he’s cutting with the 3 RINO holdouts?

Usually the Don is good at winning in the 1:1. Why hasn’t he won the 3X 1:1 here?

    Sanddog in reply to Andy. | September 26, 2018 at 8:56 pm

    If I were Trump, I’d already have the dirt on republicans who are likely to oppose his nominees and I’d let it be known that either they get back in line or I’ll burn them to the ground. Sorry folks, this is war. It’s hard enough to deal with the left without dealing with pandering jackasses on the right.

I am glad Trump is speaking out on this. For far too long, Republicans have taken the high road, assuming they’d be vindicated in the future. How’s that worked out for us in the last 20 years? No.. it’s time to speak out and say what millions of Americans are saying at home and at work. This is a con job, the allegations are flimsy and presented at the 11th hour.. that makes this a political hit job, not a “victim” demanding justice.

What VaGentleman said!