Trump is losing patience with the Senate Judiciary Committee. What should’ve been an easy round of confirmation hearings has turned into a complete sideshow thanks to Spartacus and crew.

Thursday, Trump shared his disappointment with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Roll Call has the story:

President Donald Trump has a message for Senate Democrats and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser about an upcoming hearing to discuss the sexual assault allegations against the judge: “Get on with it.”

“I don’t think you can delay it a little longer,” Trump said of that session during a Thursday interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity. “I have been accommodating,” he added, saying Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, should be allowed to speak to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“Let’s see how it all comes out,” he said in Las Vegas before a rally. “They’ve delayed it a week and they have to get on with it.”

Ford, now a California professor, has said Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed and groped her during a 1982 party when they were high school students; he again denied the charges in a Thursday letter to Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles E. Grassley.

The Judiciary panel has been working with Ford’s lawyers about a hearing for both to state their cases. They had planned a Monday hearing, but the accuser’s camp wants that session held next Thursday, Sept. 27, at the earliest as negotiations continue about the format and date of that highly anticipated hearing.

Trump and Senate Republicans are eager to either hold the hearing or move to a committee vote that would set up a floor vote. Both are expected now to fall along party lines, but Republicans have enough seats to narrowly make Kavanaugh the ninth high court justice.

For the second time in as many days, Trump called the entire matter is a “sad situation,” expressing regret that someone was trying to “besmirch” his second Supreme Court pick.

Once on stage for the campaign rally for several GOP House and Senate candidates, he dubbed Kavanaugh “one of the finest human beings you will ever have the privilege of knowing or meeting.” The crowd cheered each time he mentioned the embattled nominee.

So far, committee Republicans haven’t blinked and continue to move along unhindered by the gaming on the other side of the aisle.

Sen. Grassley, the committee chairman set a 10 AM Friday deadline for Ford (Kavanaugh’s accuser) to decide if she will testify.

Thursday evening, Kavanaugh’s legal team indicated she was willing to testify, but only under certain ridiculous and unfair conditions.