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REPORT: Ford Polygraph Expert Says “Victims” Like Ford, You “Believe Them”, Don’t Ask Specific Questions

REPORT: Ford Polygraph Expert Says “Victims” Like Ford, You “Believe Them”, Don’t Ask Specific Questions

Works as a regular subcontractor for Democrat law firm representing Ford

Democrats keep citing the polygraph test that Christine Blasey Ford, the woman accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, as proof Ford’s account is accurate.

The polygraph was released Wednesday, creating more questions about Ford’s accusations. We covered that in depth here.

Now, reporter Paul Sperry says the polygraph expert who administered Ford’s test is a regular subcontractor of the Democrat law firm representing her.

Hannafin speaks here:

During the hearings Thursday morning, Ford said she did not know who paid for her polygraph test. Ford also had difficulty remembering what day she’d taken the polygraph test.

From the WaEx:

Lawyers for Christine Blasey Ford told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday that they paid for a polygraph administered in August during which the details of her alleged sexual assault were discussed.

Under questioning from a lawyer appointed by Republicans, Ford told the committee that she didn’t know who paid for the polygraph, which her team said showed “no deception” from her as she answered questions about the incident.

But when the question was asked again after the lunch break, her lawyer said her legal team paid for it.

…The test was administered at a hotel near the airport in Baltimore, a location selected because Ford, after attending her grandmother’s funeral, had to make a flight to Manchester, New Hampshire.

She said she participated in the polygraph either on the day of her grandmother’s funeral or the day after, but could not remember which one.

Ford said she was “scared” of the test, but was comfortable that she could share information regarding the alleged incident involving Kavanaugh, which Ford said occurred in the summer of 1982.


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Bucky Barkingham | September 27, 2018 at 2:13 pm

If women never lie about sexual assault then why give her a polygraph test at all?

Now find out who is paying for Ford’s lawyers, and you’ll know who orchestrated this entire fiasco. I’m betting it’s a Democratic partisan or group.

    Pillage Idiot in reply to OldProf2. | September 27, 2018 at 9:29 pm

    The Democrats are wise enough to know not to leave a money trail while you are in the process of colluding.

    Ford’s male attorney offered up that he was working pro bono, and then specifically queried the female attorney. She immediately offered that she too was working pro bono.

so 2 questions, means there wasn’t even a control question.

The administrator of the test has to ask many questions that he knows the truth of before he can ask a yes or no on the truth of the test matter. This test was a joke and should not be considered of any value. Kavanaugh is ripping the a$$es off the lying cheating Dems on the panel! Finally someone in this room with a set of balls! The RINOs on the committee have none and only the brain dead Dem women seem to have any on their side. Grassley made me want to puke! Every time Ford blinked he wanted to know what she needed! This entire fiasco was designed to protect the sorry GOP members of the committee. No other reason. They did not want to have to ask any hard questions of this addled brain woman because of their upcoming elections.

These tests are not admitted in court hearing due to fallibility of the results are frequent.

Sure, they are used but more often to act as a means of sweating the subject. Rejecting a test of this nature is a tool agents use to try to hammer the subject on why, if they are telling the truth, won’t they take the test. Results and readings of the test vary greatly dependent on who gives the test, how questions are asked can cause different results, they can be fooled by people who are pathological liars, and they can trip “positive” results just due the nervousness of the subject and hearing questions that frighten them.

This test given was done in a manner where it can be used as a weapon in a case like this.

Astrology is garbage, all horoscopes are garbage, and yet there is a “science” to it, and there is a qualitative difference between a horoscope cast by a professional astrologer who carefully plots the positions of the planets, the ascendant, the zenith, and all the other details, and a newspaper horoscope that someone made up while sitting on the throne for those gullible enough to believe one twelfth of the population is going to have the same week. Neither horoscope has any predictive value at all, but one’s a work of art and the other’s utterly worthless in every sense.

In the same way all polygraphs are garbage, but there’s a difference between the professional “scientific” garbage one normally sees, and this disgraceful exhibit. This guy wasn’t even trying.

This woman has had a makeover for the hearing including a wig. Compare with the colour and length of her beach hair at the hearing. Fake as can be. And also a week of coaching on the pretext of a fear of flying.