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Poll: Interest in Midterms Lags For Key Democrat Voting Blocs (Young Voters, Independents, Non-white Voters)

Poll: Interest in Midterms Lags For Key Democrat Voting Blocs (Young Voters, Independents, Non-white Voters)

This is not a time to be precious and demand party purity

Here’s what we know because we’ve been repeatedly told: One, if the Democrats take one or both Houses of Congress, President Trump will be, at best, more lame than the lamest lame duck in the history of our nation as he complies with a zillion Congressional inquiries and demands and fights impeachment (should the Dems win the House); two, the leftist dream, of course, is that President Trump be removed from office (should the Dems win the Senate); and/or three, he will be impeached and removed from office if Democrats take both the House and the Senate.

This isn’t rocket science or tea leaves, it’s what they’ve clearly and constantly said since President Trump trounced twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton back in 2016.

With the Trump presidency hanging in the balance, it seems to me that this is not a time to be precious and/or to demand party purity tests.  Trump will be gone, either in 2020 or in 2024, the latter is not negotiable.  Trump will leave the White House; that’s fact.

On the one hand, what we hold dear is not what many of our former conservative friends hold dear. The #NeverTrump crowd is horrifically short-sighted and completely caught up in the #Resistance hysteria that demands outrage now, then, when, and where.  But especially  here.  Now.

On the other hand, the#NeverTrump cohort has zero faith in our Constitutional Republic in that they doubt this country’s founding principles and the checks and balances provided by our Constitution.  I get this on some level, but ultimately, we were either given the best form of government and it will work even in these dark hours, or we were not, and it will not.

Oddly, however, the Democrats’ key demographics just aren’t that into the Socialist Democrats or Democratic Socialists.  They seem to be using the terms interchangeably, as if they meant the same thing. If there were ever two words in any of their forms that don’t go together, “democrat/ic” and “socialist” are top contenders.

Anyway, a recent NBC/WSJ poll shows that voter enthusiasm levels amongst key demographics typically associated with (D) votes is particularly troubling, as is the uptick in GOP voter enthusiasm.

NBC News reports:

Six weeks before the 2018 midterm elections, Democrats hold a 12-point lead in congressional preference among registered voters, with nearly six-in-10 saying they’d like to see significant change in the direction President Donald Trump has been leading the country, according to a new national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

The results suggest a political environment where Democrats have the clear advantage in their pursuit to win back control of Congress in November.

“Americans are hitting the brake in a midterm, and trying to send the signal that they’re not satisfied,” said Republican pollster Bill McInturff, who conducted the survey with Democratic pollsters at Hart Research Associates.

Ultimately, we want as many Democrat voters to stay home as possible, but we can’t count on that. All we can do is ensure that we vote and that we vote Republican.  The larger the majorities in both Houses of Congress, the more Trump can accomplish, the more of his campaign promises he can fulfill.  With each lost seat, Trump and his agenda—the one we voted for—are crippled.

I get voting on principle, but I also get reality.  Our reality today is that 2018 midterms are not about party, ideology, or even policy, and they certainly are not about “sending a message” to the GOP or to anyone else (newsflash: they aren’t listening to such messages and never have/never will).

Therefore, refusing to vote makes no sense to me.  As the prof recently noted,

This is not about Brett Kavanaugh. Democrats would have waged total personal war on any Trump nominee.

The answer is to get out and vote. Get your friends and relatives out to vote. Vote not just to defeat the Democrats, but to free us from the grip of 2-3 weak Republican Senators.

If Republicans had 53-54 Senators, the Kavanaugh personal war would have ended already with confirmation.

It’s impossible to disagree with this assessment.  After all, how much can President Trump accomplish if he has supermajorities in one or both Houses of Congress?  How much can he accomplish unrestrained by the investigations and petty politicking promised by Congressional Socialist Democrats?


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Get out and vote. Encourage those who will vote GOP to vote. Tell the progs you aren’t going to bother to vote as it’s already in the bag for their candidate and then invite them to go have drinks after work and hang out with them until the polls close.

Remind the democrats they always vote on Wednesdays.

JusticeDelivered | September 23, 2018 at 11:05 pm

“NBC/WSJ poll shows”

NBC is most certainly extreme left. Running up to Trump being elected we were being fed a steady stream of propaganda that Hillary was going to win, I didn’t by it and voted for Trump. Clearly lots of other people did the same. Why should I believe this is not more of the same.
I am happy with Trump’s efforts, to the degree that things are not getting done, I blame the left and will vote, and encourage others to vote accordingly.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 23, 2018 at 11:07 pm

Things that make you go hmmmmmm……..
Texas senate seat flipped from democrat to republican this week for the first time in 139 years. Republican Pete Flores, a former game warden, defeated former Democratic Congressman Pete Gallego in a senate district covering around 800,000 border residents. Because the district is 73 percent African-American and Hispanic, the republican victory has gained a little bit of attention.

    Agree it made the (D)s look like idiots predicting a blue wave here. At the same time, I don’t know how predictive that can be for anything, really. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take it because it was a nice victory for the statehouse.

    But it was a special election and those don’t see anywhere near the same turnout as Nov. elections or even elections in May, which sees dismally low turnout. Flores ran for this seat in 2016 but lost. The winner in 2016 got 130,000+ votes. Flores in 2018 got 13,000 votes. That’s another way of saying that no one showed up to the polls.

    Also, the (D) clown who had to leave the seat that caused this election had fraud charges out the yin-yang. That doesn’t help the party’s cause.

    If Flores can win in 2020, that will tell you his win in 2018 was not a fluke.

Here’s your problem in a nutshell:

No matter how hard you argue for calm strategic voting, once you piss off the base it’s over. Everybody knows that strong emotion will swamp reason at the ballot box.

As a rational person, you should be trying your hardest to ensure that voters aren’t angry when they go to the polls instead of trying to bullshit them that they weren’t just screwed.

If that’s impossible because of actions taken by GOP establishment members, then it seems the root of your problem is with the GOPe. The customer/voter is always right.

    I hear you, Matt, but the GOP establishment WANT the base pissed off. The only reason they haven’t turned on Trump is that he is still strongly supported by the base. If we stay home, vote (D) or skip voting in House and/or Senate races, they will hear not that voters are mad at them for the reasons we are but that Trump’s base isn’t behind his agenda.

    Trump has repeatedly said he needs to keep both Houses, and he’s exactly right as Dems have said all along and as I outline in my post above. If the base fails to deliver, the GOP establishment will join the Dems en force. Again, this is clear as day.

    You can be emotional all day long, but the hard fact is that letting your emotions get the better of you is almost always a bad move, and is particularly so when we are talking about the stakes here. “I’m all stompy-foot mad that Sessions is still AG, and I’m super duper poundy-fists that Kavanaugh hasn’t been confirmed already . . . so I’m not going to support any Republican, that’ll show ’em! Just wait until the Dems control both Houses of Congress! Then they’ll . . . erm, ugh, gaaah!”. *Sigh*

    And, no, the voter is not always right. I’d be willing to argue that every single Hillary voter was dead wrong. As was every single Obama voter (though many ’08 Obama voters redeemed themselves in ’12). I’d make a strong case, but ultimately, it would sway no Hillary nor a single ’12 Obama voter . . . because they are up to their necks in wrong. 😛

I think the Kavanaugh character assassination will motivate conservatives to vote. The Dems’ philosophy in the confirmation hearings is that any female can ruin the career of any male whenever she wants just by making up a story that is too old to prove false. The Dems say “The ‘survivor’ deserves to be believed.” (As if someone tried to kill her!)

Enough men will look at their attitude and think, “There, but for the grace of God, go I.” Any woman I’ve ever known can falsely accuse me of being a sexual predator any time she wants, and people are expected to believe her.

This injustice is highly motivating, and I will vote for and donate to candidates who support due process and the assumption of innocence until convicted of a crime. I think a lot of conservatives and moderates will do the same.

    As a mother of boys, I am frightened by the ongoing false accusation claims and guilty until proven innocent thoughts of the left. It could happen to anyone. Duke Lacrosse.
    Also, as a woman, I am livid with the left’s vile tactics. My family and friends are too.
    We’ll be voting midterms for sure.
    Meanwhile, we’ll be calling our reps.

    Vladtheimp in reply to OldProf2. | September 24, 2018 at 7:05 pm

    Agreed, but consider how much more impetus for Republicans/Conservatives/Independents to vote would be if Senate Republicans identified the Democrat smears against Judge Kavanaugh for what they are, and held an immediate vote both in the Committee and the Senate as a whole.

    To Lc’s point, consider who will be most impacted by a future America based on job qualifications being judged on sexual smears:

    Not Seniors, who generally will favor Republicans;


    Mothers, sisters, and wives of men;

    Independents, who should be offended by such tactics; and

    Young voters, who are the ones entering the job market – men who will be at risk for smears, and women who will suffer from not being hired and not being mentored by men at risk.

    Do the Democrats even care in their zeal to protect an ephemeral possibility that the wrongly decided Roe v. Wade will be jeopardized by the confirmation of an exceptional jurist.

Speaking of party purity. In Kansas, conservative Kobach won the Republican primary by the narrowest margin possible, which means the moderate Republicans will now turn out in unity to join together and vote for him just in the same way the conservatives have been harangued into voting for every moderate governor…

Just kidding. The Moderates are promptly stabbing their fellow Republicans in the back and urging everybody to vote for the Democrat in the race. Seems this ‘come together’ thing is only for them, just the same way as we got Sebelius the last time this happened.

The left has completely jumped the shark. Now Avenatti is claiming that Judge and Kavanaugh engineered and participated in multiple gang rapes while in High School. He’s been hanging around Stormy so long he’s even picked up the lingo. Just based on his email to the judiciary committee alone, They should vote on Kavanaugh immediately and stop this circus.

Republicans must not forget to get everyone that needs an absentee ballot a form and have it returned. Some races may be determined by absentee ballots, and then the more organized campaign wins. Thanks

Marijuana interests raise nearly $58K for State Auditor Republican David Yost while he was auditing Ohio pot plan

A Republican taking weed money? What will they think of next?

I wonder if the policy of shutting down the bank accounts of politicians who accept (State legal) weed money will apply to him?

    And while I’m at it let me throw in a Deep State.

    “See, if you look at the drug war from a purely economic point of view, the role of the government is to protect the drug cartel.” – Economist Milton Friedman (1991)

    “The Latin American drug cartels have stretched their tentacles much deeper into our lives than most people believe. It’s possible they are calling the shots at all levels of government.” – William Colby, former CIA Director, 1995

    Not too long after making that statement Colby died in a boating accident.