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Obama to Give Speech at U. Illinois After Accepting Award

Obama to Give Speech at U. Illinois After Accepting Award

“he’ll also encourage people to vote”

Obama is being given yet another award, this time for ethics in government.

The Associated Press reports via FOX 2 St. Louis:

Obama will be speaking at University of Illinois

Former President Barack Obama will speak at the University of Illinois, where he’ll also receive an award for ethics in government.

The university says Obama will speak at 11 a.m. Friday at Foellinger Auditorium in Urbana. Tickets will be distributed to university students and are not available to the public.

The university’s Institute of Government and Public Affairs will honor Obama with the Paul H. Douglas Award for Ethics in Government. A national selection committee chooses the recipient of the award.

Obama spokeswoman Katie Hill tells The News-Gazette Obama’s speech will “offer new thoughts on this moment and what it requires from the American people.” She says he’ll also encourage people to vote.


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I am ashamed that my alma mater is hosting this loser. I have stopped giving to the university because of pc tendencies.

    As alumni we stopped giving to both my wife’s school as well as mine due to their ridiculous moves towards PC. They’ve funded whole departments and created large salaries for semi-fictional titles of study. Sad, all we have are memories of once great schools that have now turned into staging organizations for social causes of every persuasion.

Oh, good–another speech from 0bama.

“Ethics in government.”

Leftism uses its own language.

In normal English . . . well, certainly, Obama sold a steady stream of ethics to Mexican gun-runners, and he shipped a huge planeload of ethics to Iran, and he told us all, multiple times, that if we like our ethics in government, we can keep our ethics in government . . . but aside from those instances, his admin was so damn transparent the ethics were pretty much invisible.

PersonofInterests | September 3, 2018 at 4:10 pm

How about another Nobel Peace Price Participation Trophy to go with the other? It would be just as respected as the first and then he may finally have two thingies to put into his Chicago Presidential Mosque if it ever actually gets built.

If it does and given his legacy, he should consider installing Wall Urnials for all of his MS-13 Gangsters that he brought into the Country so that they won’t have to go in the streets like they do in another example of liberal demoncRAT mismanagement: San Francisco.

Reading from a teleprompter is not a “speech”.

If he doesn’t use one, he will be incoherent. Oops…I meant even more incoherent than the “speech” he would be reading