Since Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations of sexual assault were made public, I’ve seen several instances of “this is why more women don’t speak up — do you see what’s happening to Ford?” Enough to make me uneasy about the comparison, which, to be indelicate is flat wrong.

While I am incredibly sympathetic to Ford’s past — I believe she likely suffered some kind of assault — the events that have transpired and the way in which her story has been carefully parsed, leaked, and manipulated are far different from a typical case of the like.

Ford, and whatever trauma she may have suffered, are being exploited by Democrats for purely political purposes. Her story has many holes. She’s been given an opportunity to share her story and has refused to do so. None of this is “normal.”

An accusation is not tantamount to guilt (Salem witch trials, anyone?). We used to have a grip on that culturally.

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