The left is hoping young voters can help Democrats win this fall. In an effort to appeal to generation safe space, one liberal group is even promising to bring puppies to campus during voter registration drives.

Alexander James reports at the Washington Examiner:

Pups to the Polls: Liberal group rolls out safe-space tactics for campus voter drives

If voting is too stressful and President Trump’s America scares you, no worries! Liberal organizations are making the voter registration process easy with new, safe-space tactics such as therapy dogs.

“It shouldn’t take cute pups to get you to the polls. But we’ll have some with us anyway! Stop Trump and pet cute pups! Find your polling place,” noted the Pups to the Polls project in a 2016 video that features images of multiple puppies.

Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison were first to see the dogs on campus, but the pups will be making their way to multiple campuses across the country before the midterm elections. These dogs will have their work cut out for them, as only a little over half of all millennials plan to vote in November.

Jennifer Harper of the Washington Times notes that our old pal Tom Steyer is behind this:

‘Pups to the Polls’ liberal strategy: Therapy dogs to comfort reluctant young voters

Billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer is spending $110 million on voter outreach prior to the midterm elections — and part of that outreach includes using therapy dogs to persuade college students to vote when the time comes.

“It shouldn’t take cute pups to get you to the polls. But we’ll have some with us anyway! Stop Trump and pet cute pups! Find you polling place,” noted the “Pups to the Polls” project in Pennsylvania in a video that features images of roly-poly puppies, an earnest looking chihuahua and a noble looking Labrador — a persuasive method the group used during the 2016 presidential election.

The canine touch will be on multiple campuses this year.

The NextGenAmerica website makes their goals pretty clear:

NextGen Rising: The path to victory in 2018

This year, NextGen Rising will register, motivate, and turn out more than 250,000 young people to vote. Across eleven states, young voters will help progressives flip Congress, win Governor’s races, and take back state legislatures. We are the key to achieving progressive victories in 2018. Let’s do this.

I’ll say one thing in their favor. The puppy in this video is one cute little guy:

Featured image via YouTube.


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